Linksies: Muslim Leadership Initiative Part Two

Linksies: Muslim Leadership Initiative Part Two February 3, 2015

qudsThe discussion over the controversy surrounding the Muslim Leadership Initiative continues. Last month, I compiled a series of articles, videos and links of the debate, which can be found here. There has been more discussion  in the last few weeks to warrant a second round of Linksies, which I’ve compiled below. These links include discussions about ways to handle in-group disagreements, the nature of solidarity, the interfaith dimension, the political nature of Palestinian statehood, and a deeper dive into political strategy that moves beyond boycotts.


Support for Muslim Leadership Initiative

After Abraham, Before Peace: Navigating The Divides

Arab Israeli Teens Seeking to Define Their Own Identity

Forging New Muslim-Jewish Engagement: Reflections on MLI

Shalom Hartman Institute, MLI, and Faithwashing

Why I Went to Israel

Critique of Muslim Leadership Initiative

Boycott Israeli ‘Faithwashing’

Hidden Normalization: MLI’s Zionist Trip

I’m Not a Palestinian. I Can’t Tell You About Palestine.

MLI, Faithwashing, & Why the Palestinian Narrative Can Never Be Ignored

Palestinian Civil Society Urges Boycott of MLI

Response to MLI Controversy: We Are Family

Theories of Change: BDS, MLI, and Movement Building

Additional Resources

Controversy Over American Muslim Leadership Trip to Jerusalem

Is Interfaith Work Between Muslims and Jews Possible?

MLI Controversy: We Are Family

MLI: Finding the Way Forward

Muslim Leadership Initiative: Love Me or Hate Me

Palestine, an Islamic Issue?

When Disagreements Turn Destructive

Finally, the Canadian religious scholar Dr. Ingrid Mattson, a professor, and interfaith activist weighed in on the rancorous discourse over the MLI controversy with this succinct tweet, echoing the Prophetic teachings on disagreements among Muslims.

Ingrid MLI

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