October 20, 2013

Those of us who profess Jesus as savior and friend diminish his good news if he is only good news when we get a new job or a cure for cancer. We need to give testimony during both our joy and our sorrow. Sometimes our testimony is simply that - by grace alone - we haven't given up. And that's worth telling too. Read more

October 16, 2013

My dad died, my faith took a hit on the chin, and I gained twenty pounds. Jeff's hair fell out, his testosterone plummeted, and we stopped having sex. How does a marriage, or a faith, survive all that? Read more

October 15, 2013

I’ve never been paid to write.  On the contrary, I’ve spent lots of money to write.  I’ve paid for conferences and paid someone to edit my memoir draft.  Before I moved to Patheos, I paid for a domain name for my blog.  And lets not forgot all the money I spent in grad school so that I could write paper after paper that no one other than my professor would read – one of whom told me that my writing... Read more

October 13, 2013

Tara's ten-year-old son packed a knife to take on the train so that he could protect himself and his younger brother. Was this a sign that he watches too much violent TV? Or that he has a noble instinct to protect his brother? Everyone says that parenting gets easier over time. But figuring out what's normal and what's a problem can be more difficult as children get older. Read more

October 11, 2013

Rick Riordan homeschooled his son? Yup. Read more

October 8, 2013

A homeschooling nine-year-old invites Rick Riordan to class. Will he say 'yes'? (Plus video from a talk Riordan gave the night the boy gave him the letter.) Read more

October 7, 2013

Our town is in the middle of a debate about whether or not recess should be mandatory.  And if it is, would fifteen minutes be long enough? Which is, of course, just stupid. The rest of the country is figuring out how important play is.  They’re realizing that we’ve left so little unstructured time in children’s lives that they don’t know how to play any more.  But not here in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  We are surrounded by elite research universities, we... Read more

October 6, 2013

Tara's sons hate the swim team. And her faith tells her that she need not make decisions based on fear. Still, it's a parent's job to make sure her kids can swim. Right? Read more

October 4, 2013

Why does school have to look so different from anything we would consider a healthy, productive, enjoyable life. What would happen if we got rid of almost everything we currently do in school? Read more

October 3, 2013

In her fourth year of homeschooling now, Tara can tell story after story about the joys of being at home with her boys as they grow and learn. This is not one of them. Read more

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