Is Satan Real? [Video]

Is Satan Real? [Video] April 16, 2013

Screwtape Letters–the CS Lewis masterpiece about the twisted techniques of demons– just premiered locally, and the showing was terrific. I was reminded all over again how brilliant an administrator and miserable an unembodied spirit, Satan, really is. In fact, this will lead to part 2 of this I Believe: Expressions of Faith video cast: Is Satan Real?

Part 1, created beforehand, addresses Satan’s invisible, ubiquitous reality; his cover-up; and the errors we commonly fall into when thinking about spiritual warfare, demons, devils, the Prince of Darkness and his hosts.

The “prince of the power of the air,” Satan, unlike the recent polls, is a living being and not just a symbol of evil. Hard to believe that 40% of self-identified Christians maintain a belief that he is fiction, or metaphorical symbol at best. He’s already won half the battle for our souls with his sleight of hand here. Hoping we’ll either disregard or deny his reality, forget him altogether, or obsess with him and tap into his power, he gains ground either way.

Is Satan RealThe good news is that God is greater than all of His cunning and sophistry. But first, we really have to get the fact that this guy is real. We fought against him together pre-mortally and chose to come here. Let’s continue to hold our ground. Spiritual warfare–often manifest in excess, prolonged stress, fear, conflict, tugs of war for our spiritual serenity–is real.

Now hope you’ll join me for a brief video cast of I Believe: Experssions of Faith: Is Satan Real? Find the full transcript of this I Believe Podcast here.

Bible Verse: “How that art fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!” Holy Bible: Old Testament: Isaiah 14:12.

Faith Quotes: “Neutral men are the devil’s allies” (Devon Chapin).

“Those who can and will exercise full confidence in all the divine promises may go from victory to victory… through the imputed merit and continued assistance of Him who loved and bought us.” (Harvest).

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