Finding the Song of Your Soul

Finding the Song of Your Soul April 25, 2017

Ilchi Lee playing flute for the soul
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Who am I? What is my real purpose? These questions represent everyone’s basic yearning to reunite and become one with his or her True Self. Answering these questions with simple sentences always falls short, though, because there is something ineffable and intangible about our True Self. Our language structures are part of this world, stuck in these three dimensions, but our True Self is far beyond this world. It will live on beyond our lives here, even beyond the life span of Earth herself. And our True Selves exist beyond the three dimensions of this universe, penetrating all the dimensions in ways that are beyond our ability to understand.

The Language of the Soul

Talking about the True Self can only help you understand it in a limited way. Instead, you must feel the True Self to understand it and to embody it more fully. There is a different kind of language, however, that comes much closer to expressing the meaning and feeling of the soul—music. Music has an ability to expresses something timeless about the soul, and it can also touch the soul, bringing us back to our higher selves.

Of course, not all music expresses the qualities of the soul. It can express our lower natures, too, as is evident in some popular music that celebrates greed, violence, and other low aspects of human nature. In fact, we tend to gravitate toward music that resonates at a frequency that is equivalent our current level of consciousness. For example, many people today seek happiness through love relationships, so that is what dominates the lyrics of popular music. Those seeking a more spiritual path to happiness might be interested in New Age artists or classical sacred music.

I suggest finding music that will move you in the direction you want to go. That can include finding artists that resonate with you on a higher level, but that has limited potential. Yes, they can bring you solace and lift your spirit, but ultimately that music is the expression of that artist’s soul, not your own. The best music is the music that you have created directly with your own soul. In other words, I recommend that you become a musician of your True Self.

For many of you, that is an odd thought. “I am not a musician! I’ve certainly never written any songs!” you might protest. The kind of music I’m talking about does not require any musical training; it is as natural to you as breathing.

Let Me Play for You

To show you what I mean, I would like to play a song for you. I am not a trained musician, but I play instruments all the time in my lectures. I do this not to show off my skills but to help people reconnect with their souls. For me, this is just a matter of following energy and maintaining communication with my own soul and the souls who are listening to me. Here is a sample from one of my lectures:

Finding the Song of Your Soul

You can do the same thing yourself, letting your true self guide the direction of the song. Instead of a wind instrument, you can also use a simple percussion instrument, or even make sounds with your own voice. Here are some simple steps:

  1. Get some sort of simple, easy-to-play wind instrument, such as a small wooden flute or an ocarina.
  2. Get comfortable with the instrument, learning how to blow it and how to place your fingers on the holes.
  3. Play with the instrument, trying all different tempos and combinations of notes.
  4. Close your eyes and let your fingers and breath follow the energy of the moment. Do your best to let go of your thinking, judgmental mind; there are not wrong notes here.
  5. Keep playing until you have completely surrendered to the flow of notes. A beautiful tune, the song of your soul, will naturally emerge.

A Font of Creativity

This exercise is also an excellent exercise for your brain, especially if you want to have a more creative brain. When you have creative blocks, it is because your analytical left brain is getting in the way of your creative right brain. You may at first find this difficult to do. Some part of you may tell you, “That is not a beautiful song. I don’t know what I am doing.” If you can, keep playing despite this judgmental inner voice. The trick is to let go and follow the energy. Then, through the music, your True Self energy and the energy of the cosmos will be as one.

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