How to Become a Conduit for Universal Energy

How to Become a Conduit for Universal Energy May 2, 2018

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Have you ever heard of chunjikiun? For many, that is an unfamiliar term, but in the practice that I teach, a path rooted in ancient Korean energy study, its cultivation is the main objective. You could think of it as a new way to understand the laws of the universe, or even as a different way to understand God.

In literal translation, the word chunjikiun mean “heaven earth energy.” You may recognize the word ki (sometimes spelled qi or chi) or kiun, meaning “energy.” The word chun means “heaven,” and the word ji means “earth.” Thus, chunjikiun is the energy that flows between heaven earth, the basic primordial energy of the universe. It is related to the concept of Tao, but it is more specifically the purest form of energy that follows through the flow of the Tao. Learning to feel and conduct this energy is the most powerful form of energetic healing possible. But how can we begin to connect to it?

Recognize Your Divine Aspect

Really, chunjikiun is always present, whether you can feel it or not. Humans, in fact, are especially well-suited to conducting the flow of chunjikiun because we are simultaneously earthly and heavenly creatures. This is reflected in our anatomy, since, unlike other animals, we have an upright stance—feet on the ground (ji) and head in the sky (chun). In other words, we have both animal and divine aspects. The divine aspect, however, can be easily forgotten as we vie for the riches, pleasures, and power of life on this earthly plane. The trick is to open oneself up to something grander than this world, a world of energy that is simultaneously empowering and deeply humbling.

Love, the Gateway to Expansion

Opening oneself to chunjikiun is a way of opening oneself to full energetic potential. The key to that expansion requires something that is both simple and elusive—learning to love fully. The kind of love that is needed, though, is not romantic love or love for our children or infatuation with an object or person. This greater kind of love, the love of chunjikiun, is an unconditional, open-hearted form of love that is also known as agape or divine love. If we can learn to love fully and openly in this way, we are well on our way to becoming a conduit of chunjikiun, both for ourselves and for others.

If you consider our energy anatomy, you will see that the nature of chunjikiun is reflected there, too, just like it is in our physical anatomy. Our heart chakra, the energy center that governs love and emotions, is situated right in the center of the energy system and serves as the gateway to development in the upper chakras, which are the ones that govern spiritual insight and awareness. Opening the heart chakra fully, then, opens all these chakras to the flow of chunjikiun.

Be Patient and Love Yourself Always

Occasionally, people open themselves very suddenly and completely to the flow of chunjikiun, but this is rarely the case. Rather, it is more often a slow process of learning to love better day by day while also opening awareness to the grander ways of the universe, beyond the pettiness and shallowness that so often comes with human existence. So, be patient with yourself, watching and challenging yourself to love others and the earth a little better each day, and seek out spiritual practices that will help you grow in this way. And, most importantly, always love yourself first and foremost, no matter how many times you fail, because that is the first and most fundamental form of love.

BONUS: Energy Sensing Exercise

A good way to begin opening up to the experience of energy is through energy sensitivity training. One of the most effective exercises available is called Jigam Energy Sensing Exercise. It is especially effective because it is easy for anyone of any age, and it allows you to let go of your thinking mind in a way that is fun and comfortable. If you have ever had the experience of dancing with abandon—maybe when you were alone listening to music or in a moment of creative inspiration on the dance floor—then you might have experienced something like this, which feels like the return to the carefree state of childhood. But, this adds the sensation of energy to the dancing, which can help you open to the greatest dance of all—the eternal rhythm and flow of chunjikiun.

If you would like to read more about chunjikiun and other energy principles and exercises, you can find them in my book, Living Tao: Timeless Principles for Everyday Enlightenment.

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