Discovering Your Divinity

Discovering Your Divinity August 6, 2019

discover your divinity

Humans are interesting creatures who seem to possess conflicting characteristics. On the one hand, we are capable of horrific acts of violence more senseless and cruel than those of any animal on earth, and, on the other, we are able to be kind and compassionate in ways that are truly selfless and heroic. Sometimes it seems like there must be more than one type of human, but, no, we are all just people, whether we live the life of a saint or a criminal. In fact, we all have within us the capacity to be either . . . or something in between.

Have You Chosen Divinity?

While there are all sorts of philosophical, biological, and sociological explanations for the paths people take in life, ultimately it all comes down to the choices they make. No matter what problems you are facing, you always have at least some ability to make choices to guide your life in a certain direction. For your physical body, you can choose to eat healthier food and exercise more . . . or not. In your work life, you can put in more or less effort, according to what you want to achieve. In your relationships, you can choose to respond with love . . . or with resentment or judgment. Often, our choices become automatic habits, but we always have a choice to change.

How would you answer if I were to ask you, “Have you made good choices in your life?” Most people would say that they have a habit or two they want to change, like eating better or exercising more, but overall they are conscientious and make pretty good choices. But what if I were to ask, “Have you chosen divinity?” That’s a more difficult question to answer because it’s not something we are usually taught to think about, but I believe it is actually the most important question to ask yourself and one that humanity as a whole needs to consider.

Human Divinity Is Needed Now

Before you can choose divinity, you must know what it is. A simple definition of divinity might be “acting according to one’s highest self.” Instinctively, humans always agree on the most desirable human attributes: kindness, patience, generosity, and so forth. In fact, all human societies rely on people demonstrating these qualities to some degree in order to create cooperative organizations and to protect children and other vulnerable individuals. But are we really making divinity the central value and goal of our lives?

On the contrary, too much of our lives are spent in a state of stress, constantly competing just to make ends meet and always experiencing conflict with those around us. Most people’s higher selves are hidden away, and their best characteristics are only shown to those whom they judge to be worthy or only when it is personally beneficial to do so. As a result, loneliness and depression are rampant, in spite of all the nutritional, medical, and technological advantages we enjoy today. Essentially, we have become disconnected, both from each other and from ourselves.

And, we have become disconnected from nature and the earth, which may lead to catastrophic results if we cannot change our way of living. Even with scientists shouting out warnings for decades about impending environmental catastrophe, we have been unable to break out of our individualistic lifestyle of short-term convenience and comfort. Changing this means deliberately stepping away from a selfish way of being toward a divine way of being, one that considers the whole, not just individual desires. As I have explained in my new book Connect, I believe that the only way that we can make a change of this magnitude is to rediscover our divinity so that we can make better choices for ourselves and for the earth.

An Ancient Path to Finding Your Divinity

Humans living thousands of years ago probably would not have imagined the global-level problems we face today, but many were certainly aware of the need to cultivate human divinity. As any history book shows, life is brutal when humans fail to act according to their highest impulses. In Korea, a country with more than 5,000 years of recorded history, the motto “to widely benefit humanity” prompted people to see the wider ramifications of their actions, not just individual desires.

Sundo, which forms the basis of my Brain Education program, is an ancient Korean mind-body-spirit development practice that sought to develop divinity within the human. It begins by creating a strong physical foundation in the body, then develops mental and emotional self-control, and finally leads to spiritual completion. Sundo identified the brain, and especially the pineal gland, as the physical and energetic seat of this process of spiritual completion.

The “divine brain,” which is the ultimate goal of the Sundo life practice, happens during the state of Shin In Hap Il, which literally translates as “divine-human unity.” In this state, the human is no longer just another animal roaming the earth. Rather, the energies of heaven and earth are now united through the human. In this state, a person is able to maintain equanimity in even the most difficult situation. He or she is able to hold on to hope in hopeless situations and is able to respond with love even when faced with hate. The general worldview of a Shin In Hap Il person is one that considers the well-being of everyone, not just individual or in-group needs and desires.

The Divine Choice Can Be Made Now

The path to possessing a truly divine brain is a lifelong one; it takes great honesty, careful self-examination, and usually years of self-development. That’s why some sort of practice, like Brain Education, is important for people. However, the choice to embrace your own divinity can be made right now. To make that choice, “I choose my divinity” has to be a choice that is more important to you than any other choice you make. You need to let it guide every interaction you have with others, every plan you make for your future, and every thought you cultivate in your mind. Can you make that decision today and decide it with true sincerity and authenticity? I believe you can, and I can’t wait to see who you become when you do.

Understand the divinity in your brain more deeply by reading my book, Connect: How to Find Clarity and Expand Your Consciousness with Pineal Gland Meditation.

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