November 14, 2018

Last week, I made a quick trip to Arizona, and an even quicker trip down to the Mexico border. I was a keynote speaker for the Disciples of Christ Regional Assembly in Tucson, and some of the regional leaders planned a Friday morning drive down to Nogales where we would cross the border on foot, visit our partner church, pray and serve communion with those waiting to cross into the U.S., and then cross back over. Some of that worked… Read more

November 12, 2018

Democratic women won several high-profile races in Kansas last week; reversing the state’s recent trend towards extreme conservatism in recent election cycles. That purple you see on the map now in the middle of the state is not just for K-State fans anymore. I’ve joked to several friends that “Kansas was a Tea Party state until I got here!” The implication being that the sheer force of my feminist rage turned this thing around. That, of course, is a farce…. Read more

November 8, 2018

good guys with guns aren’t bullet-proof they just die first because the gun lets the bad guy with a gun know where to start Another morning in America, filled with typically American things: a cup of coffee in hand; the sounds of kids chattering over breakfast while they get ready for school; a check of the weather outside to see if you need your winter coat today (yes); and news of another mass shooting on the TV in the background…. Read more

November 7, 2018

As of today, there are 100 Women in the House of Representatives. 100 Women in the House. First, let me just say—dibs for band name and/or book title! When I was doing research to write my book, I came across some grim data. Statistics showed that America was about 50 years away from having equal representation in government. Fifty years. Five decades. Longer than the span of time since the feminist movement of the 70s and right now. That was… Read more

November 6, 2018

Reason #1,847 to vote: The kids are listening. My kids … and everybody else’s too. My 10-year-old came home yesterday and told me there was a new song the kids were singing at school. You know, the happy-clappy kind of playground rhyme that girls jump rope to? (Apparently, that’s still a thing? Who knew). Anyway, she’s like: “There’s a new song they’re singing at recess. But I don’t really like it …” She said this vaguely, but in a way… Read more

November 5, 2018

If you live in the St. Louis metro and you drive home on I-70 in North County, you might be tempted to shut your eyes. Don’t do that. It’s dangerous, and we need you alive to vote. Keep your eyes on the road. But avert them from the giant billboard: proclaiming Donald Trump as Lord and Savior of us all. I’m not even kidding. Look how gross this is. I struggled with giving this image any more exposure. At the… Read more

November 1, 2018

That nice, warm—maybe almost happy?—feeling that you have today is not just about candy and cute kids in costumes. I’ve always loved Halloween. As a kid, as a parent, and the seasons in between. Costumes, candy, and an excuse to binge watch scary movies or read Dracula again … what’s not to love? Not to mention, there’s something spiritual about letting ourselves believe in things we can’t see. It’s a magical night, all around. But I’m here to tell you, it was… Read more

October 29, 2018

“If there was an armed guard inside the temple, they would have been able to stop him.” This was Trump’s response to the horrific synagogue shooting in Pittsburg on Saturday. If possible, this predictable sound bite is even worse than the hollow “thoughts and prayers” business that we usually hear in the wake of tragedy. This is not just an empty trope: it is victim-blaming. It’s gaslighting. And it utterly misses the point of worship. In the Abrahamic traditions (Judaism,… Read more

October 23, 2018

This sermon is part of a series, Resist: Justice Heroes from the Bible to the Big Screen. Today’s text comes from Matthew 5. In this series, we’ve focused on a phrase from each movie that is meant to be a mission-statement takeaway. Some are self-explanatory, like, “We boldly go.” Or “The force is with us.” The one for today might take a little bit of context. It’s a little bit longer than all of the other ones. It’s the one phrase we… Read more

October 20, 2018

Guest post by Benjamin J. Dueholm Do Christians resent their own morality? I’ve been asking myself this since I saw video of the president of the United States engage in a rollicking, vicious parody of Christine Blasey Ford, who had recently testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee about her alleged assault by now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. He did this in Mississippi, in front of one of the rapturous crowds he seeks out with such desperate regularity. It was a… Read more

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