August 9, 2020

A church desert is a place where your choices of worshipping community are limited. It’s not that there aren’t churches there. Lord knows, small towns and rural areas often have more than their fair per-capita share of steepled buildings and changeable letter signs. The problem is that those churches might not be what you’re looking for; diversity of belief is a rarity. Just like the small grocery store that sells only convenience food, the church that is nearest your home might not have the basic amenities that you need to feed your spiritual life. And if that is the case– where do you go?  Read more

July 16, 2020

There are some striking parallels between those who refuse to mask up, who call the whole thing a hoax; and those who insist that “All Lives Matter, that racism does not exist in 2020, and that they, themselves, have no implicit bias that affects their worldview. All of these folks end up being asymptomatic carriers of an ill that costs countless lives; all because their privilege allows them to deny the suffering of others. Read more

July 12, 2020

When the church can’t talk about poverty without somebody hollering “politics!” then our message has clearly been hijacked. These are not political issues– these are faith issues that have been politicized. Read more

July 11, 2020

Yes, the economy truly does matter – but how we are defining that economy matters even more.  Read more

July 3, 2020

“Hamilton” is a story that America needs to hear right now. It reminds us that independence is, in fact, complicated; but that the vision of this country was to be a place where all could thrive, regardless of where they came from. The musical also asks some hard questions of us– as individuals, and as a republic. And, if we’re paying attention, there’s something for the Church to learn here as well. Read more

June 24, 2020

There are reasons everybody is talking about this episode, and not just me and my clergy-nerd friends. I think it speaks to the deepest needs that people are feeling right now in the midst of pandemic, uncertainty, civil unrest and general awfulness. It’s a rare, true transformation story; and it’s full of joy. Read more

June 8, 2020

As Americans, we have a choice in nearly everything. From where we live to what kind of car we drive; from what cell phone carrier we use to what brand of running shoes we purchase; hell, the sheer range of variety in the cereal aisle can trigger a full-on anxiety attack. Our lives are a buffet of options, nearly everything we touch tailor-made to our beliefs, convenience, or personal aesthetic.  That’s not entirely a bad thing. In some ways, it… Read more

May 31, 2020

“You can’t fan the flames and then condemn the fire.” These were the words of my Governor, Andy Beshear last week after a protester hung an effigy of him on the lawn of the Governor’s mansion. Some local and state officials  condemned the act–but these were the very same politicians that had rallied with this group of radicals in recent days, encouraging their outrage and attacking the Governor. In other words– they fanned the flames, but then condemned the fire…. Read more

May 23, 2020

Use the church as a pawn in political games? They would never!  Well. If by ‘never’ we mean every day and all the time… We know this,. This is not #fakenews, this is not news at all– politicians on both sides the aisle sometimes use church and church people like poker chips in a never-ending game, in which every round is a dirty deal. The Church is a pawn in an ongoing strategy game where the board is… okay, I am… Read more

May 10, 2020

I woke up this morning to cute little signs on my door, then followed a complicated, winding path of string that led to a pile of homemade gifts. This afternoon, I’ll call my mom, and my mother-in-law. And, as I do most Mother’s Days, I will think about all the ‘other mothers’ in my life– my friend’s moms, my mom’s friends, neighbors, and a long line of church ladies who have mothered me– even when I was their pastor. But… Read more

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