A Gospel Video from HonorShame.com

A Gospel Video from HonorShame.com April 7, 2014

My friend over at HonorShame.com has posted an exceptional gospel video. He captures so many key themes that I talk about on this blog

Due to his background, you will notice that he presents honor and shame from more of a Muslim (rather than Chinese) perspective. Nevertheless, the video is still helpful for anyone wanting to understand the biblical story through an honor-shame lens.

I highly recommend people check out his blog. He has great posts every week. His post this past week is called “How to Despise Shame.”


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  • Hey Jackson,

    Thanks for the affirming words and warm recommendations regarding the video. It was genuinely humbling to read your comments.

    Many times in the last months people have recommended your work to me, so it is good to hear it is a PhD dissertation that made it off the shelf into the hands of people in ministry. Keep up the good work!

    Thanks, Jason

    • Thank you for your encouraging words and for starting HonorShame.com. The site is much needed.

  • That was an excellent video. Is there any chance one explaining the difference between honor-shame vs. guilt cultures will be made soon and also goes into how people of different cultures think differently about their wrong-doing before and after being found out?

    • Thanks Clint. I’ve addressed the difference between honor and guilt in previous posts. I think in late 2012, I wrote three related posts. Do a search of key words and they should pop up.

      • I meant that I was asking Jason if there was a planned video on that subject eventually. It would be really helpful for talks where people are first introduced to the subject and the idea that people in other cultures don’t necessary experience guilty feelings as a result of their wrongdoing.

        • Yeah, the “Back to God’s Village” answers “WHAT is a (potential) theology for HS contexts?” I considering similar whiteboard animations for WHY? (we need such a theology) and HOW? (to practically apply such a theology of honorification.