The Mask of Faith (a poem)

The Mask of Faith (a poem) December 23, 2014

Vincent_Willem_van_Gogh_002Song and poetry often convey meaning more clearly that essays and books. With that in mind, I have included a poem below that expresses how “face” works in the context of Christian faith.

Our face reveals the heart of our faith

and what it is that makes us feels unsafe.

Our lonely hope is to belong,

to be accepted despite our wrong

And so we strive to show our worth

to give some warrant for our birth.

But again we sin and hide from blame,

discordant lives now writhe in shame.

Anger masks a garden of hurts denied.

Fear so flush, forsaking love belied.

What forebodes when others turn away?

Where has joy so long strayed?

Call out those truths that don’t relent,

exposing hope, if just a glint.

If Christ was not forgotten in a grave,

are we too far that He can not save?

Reckon gone these days deluged with stain

for the Lord is faithful to His name.

O’ wounded prey of untamed grace,

Be weak enough to seek God’s face.


Photo Credit: CC 2.0/en.wikipedia

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