A Few Interesting China Articles

A Few Interesting China Articles August 23, 2015
Sunset of the Forbidden City, Beijing (northwe...
Sunset of the Forbidden City, Beijing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Joann Pittman always has great posts with insights into Chinese culture. Here are a few recent ones that may interest you.

Golden Rules of Working in China

1. Everything is possible.

2. Nothing is easy.

3. Western business logic does not apply.

4. It is a fun project if there is no deadline.

5. You must persist—things will come your way eventually.

6. Patience is the essence of success.

7. “You don’t know China” means they disagree.

8. “New regulation” means they found a new way of avoiding something.

9. “Internal regulation” means they are mad at you.

10. “Basically no problem” means BIG problem.

11. When you are optimistic, think about rule #2.

12. When you are pessimistic, think about rule #1

“Mian Zi” (face): The Treasure that Never Wears Out

Here is an excerpt:

If you’ve ever seen two drivers in China standing in the middle of the street yelling at each other, chances are it’s about “face,” not a fender-bender.

Simply coming up with a definition of “face” is daunting enough. Various terms I have heard (and used) to describe “face” include self-esteem, dignity, image, and reputation, particularly in the eyes of a group that one belongs to.

Seven Things to Know about Culture Shock


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