3 Upcoming Webinars on Honor and Shame

3 Upcoming Webinars on Honor and Shame September 7, 2022

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Over the next 3 weeks, each Sunday evening, I will lead a series of webinars that address a range of topics related to honor and shame. And they’re all free!

Below are descriptions for each of the webinars. At the bottom, you’ll find information for joining the webinar and my bio, in case you’d be so kind as to let others know about these webinars.

A limited number of participants can join the webinar, so it’s first come first serve.

September 11, Confucian Shame in Christian Thinking

Description: For Confucian thinkers, shame is an essential element required for moral development. This understanding is foreign to most Westerners. Yet, does shame have a place in Christian theology? Is it something to get rid of, or might it have a role in shaping our character? This webinar explores the diverse ways that honor and shame affect our moral decision-making as well as Paul’s use of these ideas within his letters.

September 18, Honor & Shame in Romans

Description: Since the Reformation, Christians have read Romans with an emphasis on individual forgiveness and justification. However, the motifs of honor and shame play a central role in Paul’s letter. The webinar will be based on Jackson Wu’s latest book Reading Romans with Eastern Eyes, this webinar explains how honor and shame shape Paul’s message and mission.

September 25, Reciprocity, Collectivism and the Church

Description: The church, like all human communities, is affected by various social dynamics that impact how Christians relate to each other, their families, and the world. Therefore, this webinar explores the relationship between collectivism, trust, and reciprocity. While using the Chinese church as a case study, we will identify a few broader implications for the global church.

The Details

Who is invited? Anyone can join. All are welcome, including all pastors, missionaries, mission committee members, and lay leaders. Again, there is a limit to the number of participants, so it’s first come first serve.

Sunday, September 11, 18 & 25, 6:30 – 7:45 PM (PST)

Join Zoom Meeting:


Meeting ID: 813 9832 3805
Passcode: glocal

Put this on your calendar and I’ll see you then!

My Bio

Jackson Wu (pseudonym; Ph.D., SEBTS) is the theologian-in-residence with Global Training Network. He previously worked in East Asia for almost two decades, teaching theology and missiology at a seminary for Chinese pastors. He serves on the Asian/Asian-American Theology steering committee of the Evangelical Theological Society and is the author of Saving God’s Face, One Gospel for All Nations, Reading Romans with Eastern Eyes, Seeking God’s Face, and The Cross in Context. His Reading Romans with Eastern Eyes won Christianity Today’s 2020 Book of the Year Award of Merit in Biblical Studies. His work generally focuses on issues related to contextualization, honor, shame, worldview, and the doctrine of salvation. Other tools, resources, videos, and publications are found at jacksonwu.org.


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