New Initiative | New Connect page | Web Presence and Page Plugins Tip

New Initiative | New Connect page | Web Presence and Page Plugins Tip June 18, 2019

Once again, I’m focusing on updating my Patheos blog.  I’m offering a few tips along the way, since I’ve studied some of the greats.  Right now, I’m listening to David Boozer and Melyssa Griffin for some good advice, although I’m definitely not a guru like them.  They’ve both been in the game a long time.  I appreciate their good sense and candor, but I’ve always appreciated David for his unashamed Christian faith as well.  I’ll offer some tips below that will help if you’ve ever wanted to work with plugins from social media or other pages.

I’m in the middle of a softlaunch for JC Ingle, Inc. Ministry | Pulpit Supply | Marriage and Family Therapy (under supervision)

Under supervision means that I meet with a supervisor officially until I am fully licensed, similar to someone who has earned an M.D. also completes a residency before becoming fully licensed.  The supervisor is not with me in sessions.

For more information, please see my new about page: Meet Jared

There are a couple of quick notes you may be interested in, as I archive this old Connect page.  I use embedded players whenever possible.  Seeing a blue hotbutton (or black in this case with Patheos) is not as appealing as seeing a scrolling feed of information.

If a picture says a thousand words, what do a few scrolling pictures say about your web presence?

On this older Connect page (below), you’ll see that I only utilize the embed function from my Facebook Page.  However, on my new Connect page, I have embedded screens directly from JCIngle YouTube, JCIngle Facebook Page, and JCIngle Soundcloud.

To take a quick look at my new Connect page format: CLICK HERE

Web Presence and Page Plugins

Facebook: It’s really simple to use various plugins if you have a Facebook [business] Page.  I’m not sure if this function is available for individual pages.  Go to Facebook for Developers to copy the code.

YouTube: You can also do a lot with the new YouTube Beta page, but I use TubeBuddy to give me an embed code for my most recent YouTube video.

Soundcloud: I’m running to Soundcloud more often now because I can do a lot with that platform.  Although it’s not always in the forefront when people think about web presence, I’ve discovered that I’m driving quite a bit of traffic to my home site from there.  So naturally, during this round I’m including a Soundcloud embedded player in my Connect page.  Plus, it’s high quality audio if you’re looking for a podcast platform, and I enjoy some of the music there too.  There are plenty of professional artists using Soundcloud plugins as the player for their website.

I can only speak for how I embed plugins on WordPress

On your WordPress editing page, you should have two tabs in the top right: “Visual” and “Text.”

Put the cursor exactly where you want to drop the code on the page.  I usually do this on the Visual tab, so I don’t go crosseyed with the HTML Text.

Now open the Text tab and your cursor should remain in the same place.

Now copy the code from your other site (i.e. Soundcloud) and paste on the Text page.

Update . . . and you now have a plugin!

This next point is actually pretty important.  With WordPress, I only use the IFrame code from these plugins, since that works the best.  It’s just one paragraph of code, so you don’t have to copy code to multiple places on your WordPress page.

I hope these tips are helpful, if you only want to see how I do it.

If you happen to have extra time, then compare this previous Connect page with the new one.

To see the new Connect page: CLICK HERE

Hope you’re enjoying your new week!

Rev. Jared

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