Prayer Series: Look to the Cross

Prayer Series: Look to the Cross July 15, 2019

God we pray that we would be counted worthy to carry burdens for You, to carry our cross for You Lord Jesus.

We continue our series on prayer in the corporate worship setting.  This one has to do with the Cross.  I share a bit of prose called Look to the Cross, and then offer a prayer over the congregation as we gather at the altars.

Look to the Cross

I don’t know what you’re going through.  I don’t know if anybody else faces the day-in and day-out like some of us do.  I don’t know if any of you feel like you’ve been shouldering too much, or the burden seems unbearable.  But I want to hold up again for you the Cross, and what Christ did on the Cross.  I want you to draw strength from the Cross.

Look to the Cross:

When you find yourself trapped in the mundane, look to the Cross!  When you are caught up in the daily grind, with your shoulder to the wheel, look to the Cross!  When you see others advance, climbing higher than you on the corporate ladder, look to the Cross!  When others turn against you in this dog-eat-dog marketplace, look to the Cross!  When you finally get your piece of the pie, but it tastes like humble pie, look to the Cross!  When you feel like you can’t go on, you’re spread to thin, look to the Cross!

The Cross offers you forgiveness, and teaches you to forgive
The Cross heals your wounds, the wounds of your soul and body

The Cross heals our wounds as the Body of Christ, and binds us together

But the Cross also illuminates the humility, obedience, and endurance of Christ.  Because He endured the Cross, you can take up your cross, look to the Cross!


Heavenly Father, thank You for sending Your Son to die for us.  We look to You.  God you see our needs.  You see our situations.  You see the burdens we bear.  But Lord we see You and all You bore for us on that tree.

Give us the strength.  At times we ask for you to remove the hard times we’re going through.  But sometimes the burdens on our back are placed there by Your hand.  Help us to be obedient.  Strengthen our backs so that we may carry our crosses.

God we pray that we would be counted worthy to carry burdens for You, to carry our cross for You Lord Jesus.  Hallelujah


The Prayer Series.  I’m sharing a series on prayer.  These are specific vlogs from prayers within a congregational setting.  This post is adapted from: Rev. Jared V. Ingle, “Let This Mind Be In You: The Crucifixion,” MT. ZION F.W.C., Traverse City, MI.

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