Bishop Ming to release his 2nd book

Bishop Ming to release his 2nd book May 20, 2021

When something good happens, it’s okay to get the word out, and something good is about to happen. Wayman Ming, Jr., D.Min., General Bishop, Pentecostal Church of God is about to release his second book!

Nearer to God: Closing the Distance between You and Your Creator is being published by Baker Publishing Group. To preorder: CLICK HERE

The book by Bishop Ming will also be carried by PCG ResourcesCLICK HERE

You’ll also be able to find Nearer to God on Amazon and Barnes & Noble in hardback, paperback, and digital forms.

Three generations of my family have felt the impact of Bishop Ming’s ministry over the years. In fact, I’ve recently shared three articles in the Category of Ethics & Society. I have no real formal training in political science, but I believe that a small part of the church’s mission is to be a voice in society. To see my articles: CLICK HERE

I have been challenged by great leaders like Bishop Ming over the years, people who speak out to the issues in society. Now he turns his attention inward to the real issues of the interior life. I have no problem recommending his work and I encourage you to do the same.

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