Jesus Was UnSuccessful / On Those Having Sex With Animals

Jesus Was UnSuccessful / On Those Having Sex With Animals August 23, 2018
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2 Short Blogs in One



Jesus Was Not Successful



“I am so concerned about you.  You have all of this education.  You have all of these degrees.  You are brilliant. You are more than capable of doing anything you want.  Yet, you have chosen to sit at home and watch 5 kids?  What is wrong with you?  God has called you to so much higher purposes than this.  Seek God and you won’t be sitting around with those kids much longer.  Life is too short to be lazy.  You have the ability to be so successful.  Why are you throwing it all away?  I am just so disappointed in you.  You make no money and think that those kids are your job.  Wake up!  Before it’s too late…”


Jesus had no job.

Jesus had no insurance.

Jesus had no car.

Jesus was homeless.

Jesus was a criminal.

Jesus was uneducated.

Jesus had to scavenge.

Jesus was unsocial.

Jesus had no retirement plan.

Jesus had no life insurance.

Jesus had few clothes.

Jesus had no money.


When I graduated from high school, I was named, “Most Likely to Succeed.”


I doubt I’ve lived up to the expectations that accompanied such a designation.


When we are children…we think like children.


Jesus was unsuccesful




I thank God for that.





Having Sex With Animals



“3 Pa. Men Facing More Than 1,400 Counts Of Allegedly Having Sex With Dogs, Horses, Cow & Goat” -KDKA CBS Pittsburgh


Read that headline one more time.


Terry Wallace, Marc Measnikoff and Matthew Brubaker basically set up their own personal animal sex farm.  Authorities also found a huge volume of videos of the acts.  While disturbing, I think it’s too easy to simply call these guys crazy and be done with it.  It’s important to remember that bestiality has always been a part of human culture and will continue to be.  Our job in the midst of such strangeness is to listen and think. After all, these men are still children of God.


The basic underlying premise of the animal cruelty charges that these men face is the fact that these animals could not consent to these sexual acts.  While mostly true, science is certainly helping us to realize that animals are increasingly evolving to higher and higher levels of intelligence.  In fact, scientists have told us that some animals are smarter than we are.  So if animals could consent or we discover that they can consent, would having sex with them still be wrong?  The issue is far more complicated than just a disturbing headline.  These men are obviously attracted to animals and they are not alone.  These types of stories keep coming out.  What are we to do?


Love is the only way. Wallace, Measnikoff and Brubaker are in desperate need of our generosity right now.  Followers of Jesus shouldn’t hesitate.



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