The Slaughter of Joseph or Daniel Shaver

The Slaughter of Joseph or Daniel Shaver December 10, 2017


Have you ever wondered what happened to Joseph?


He was slaughtered in Mesa, Arizona.


The early days were full of struggle. Forced to endure a difficult pregnancy, Mary and Joseph finally arrived the place of birth. Every room was full. So they found the best place they could and prepared for the birth. The loud cries of birth pierced the night sky. In the hills, there were laborers. They were awoken by a loud noise. Looking up, the heavens opened up and behold multitudes of angels cried out, “The child of the promise is here. The very daughter of God.” After being told where to find her, the laborers set out. Arriving in a small room, the laborers praised the child. Mary remained silent and pondered all of the events in her heart. Their daughter grew in mind and spirit.


Joseph worked hard to provide for his young family. In the midst of it all, the young family found out that Mary was pregnant again. Before they knew it, they had two daughters. Not long after the second birth, scholars descended on the family. The young child touched the entirety of their souls. The daughter of God was the voice of the divine. This is what they had always waited on. Although they wanted to stay, they knew they had to go. The family tearfully let them go.


Not long after the beautiful encounter, Joseph was called away on a business trip. On the way to his destination, Joseph stopped in Arizona. Taking a rest at a hotel, Joseph made some friends and together they socialized. Showing his new friends a pellet gun he used for his job, they laughed at the thought of using the weapon as a means of eliminating pests. Down at the pool someone saw the pellet gun and freaked out. Calling police, the person said that someone had a gun a few floors up. Officers arrived shortly thereafter and began to descend upon the identified room. Joseph walked out the door with one of his new friends. The police began to shout commands. Hands in the air, Joseph complied with everything they told him to do. It was not enough. Evil had taken over. Officer Philip Brailsford was beyond rational thought. Joseph sought to pull his pants up and the officer opened fire. Tears streamed down his face. Blood mixed with carpet. There was no turning back. God brought him home.


“Well done, my good and faithful servant.”


Etched into the Brailsford’s gun was the words, “You’re fucked.”


Evil won that night and evil won at trial. Brailsford was acquitted. Evil walked out of the courtroom a free man.


The entire incident was caught on video. It didn’t matter. Evil is always blinding.


There was no justice for Mary or her two girls. There was no justice for God. There was only evil.


However, evil did not win in the end.


Daniel Shaver will live forever.


Have you ever wondered what happened to Joseph?


He was slaughtered in Mesa, Arizona.



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