The Color of Evil

The Color of Evil May 2, 2015


Scared, Jesus ran away. When evil was on top of him, Jesus refused to fight back. The officers were rough. I guess they didn’t realize who he was or didn’t care. Jesus screamed. Looking up, the color of evil was blue and white. Though he had committed no crime, Jesus was arrested and led away. Unable to breathe, Jesus was going down quick. The officers threw Jesus into the back of the wagon. Screaming for help, Jesus fell out of his seat. When the wagon stopped, Jesus thought that maybe help was coming. After the door opened, Jesus was placed back into the seat. Jesus pleaded for a medic. Looking up as the door shut, Jesus saw that the color of evil was blue and black. Once again, Jesus collapsed into the floor and lost consciousness. The last color of evil that Jesus saw was blue and black. After Jesus lost consciousness, the color of evil that consistently failed to get Jesus help over and over again was black, white and blue. Once medical help finally arrived, Jesus was in cardiac arrest. Upon reaching the hospital, there was little anyone could do. Jesus died on April 19.


While there are many who would push back against reference to Freddie Gray as Jesus, I don’t know what else to call him. In Matthew 25, Jesus said, “What you have done to the least of these you have done to me.” The incarnation of Jesus is a consistent event. Jesus is constantly binding his person to the marginalized and oppressed amongst us. Freddie Gray is the epitome of marginalization and oppression. This man was completely innocent and then was dead. I have no doubt that Jesus was there the entire time. If you think that Jesus is one race, let me assure you that Jesus is wherever oppression and marginalization is. I also have no doubt that Jesus stands against evil no matter what color it is.


While there is no question that we live in a society plagued by systemic and internalized racism, I am not interested in talking about police brutality in ways that let officers of color off the hook for their roles in these horrible crimes. With three black and three white police officers involved in the murder of Freddie Gray, the consistent color of evil in this situation is blue. Using language to marginalize and oppress, President Obama and Baltimore Mayor Rawlings-Blake consistently called protestors, “thugs.” Actually, I think the real thugs or violent criminals in this country are the police officers who carry guns everywhere they go and kill with impunity. Together, we can resist the color of evil. We can bring together a rainbow coalition of people to defeat a police brutality that is as broad and diverse as the officers who perpetuate it. I believe that a Jesus who is as diverse and colorful as we are stands with us.



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