How Can the Spiritually Flabby Be Helped?

How Can the Spiritually Flabby Be Helped? March 27, 2014

Fill those pews with disciples!So there are these people at your parish who fail to meet spec.  Too much bacon, not enough Mass-going, and sheesh have you seen they way they ______? At New Evangelizers today, I propose that you who have your act together quit whining and make yourself useful for a change.

What do you do with a parish full of out-of-shape Christians?  Well, you can throw a temper tantrum, but that’ll just tip your hand — everyone will find out you’re one of the weaklings, too.

But let’s say you really do want to help coach along one or two friends in the faith: You want to help them get into spiritual shape, but without giving them a heart attack in the process.

I mention the side effect they might not have told you about when you had  your log-ectomy done, and that can derail your efforts if you don’t watch out:

While it is good to grow in the virtues of forbearance and long suffering, it’s not good to tempt yourself beyond your strength.  If you find yourself devolving into anger and insults, it’s time to back away and prayerfully retreat.

And how to make yourself fit for service:

Pray, fast, and give alms to the extent of your ability, and then quietly add just a tiny bit more: Enough that you, too, are utterly dependent on the grace of God, and you know it.

If you wish to be any good to the weak, you must yourself live at the point of weakness.

Then I finish with some thoughts about what evangelization really is, and what part your parish community plays in it all.  Takeaway point: You are needed.  Read the whole thing here.

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