So You Want to Be a (Better) Catholic Writer? Sign Up ASAP.

So You Want to Be a (Better) Catholic Writer? Sign Up ASAP. February 16, 2016


Karina Fabian reminds you that now is the time to sign up for the Catholic Writers Conference Online:

CWCO2016 is almost here! It’s set for March 4-6, and all the terrific details are at It’s $40 for nonmembers,  $25 for CWG members. Drop by the website and register soon. Registration ends Feb 27 or when we get 200 attendees. It’s been a long haul for Laura Lowder and I. We’ve been recruiting speakers for months, working on the new webinar software and putting together a huge amount of publicity and training materials we’ll be sharing with attendees. We have 24 presentations and 6 pitch sessions with Catholic and secular publishers. . . . If you can watch YouTube or use a chat like Facebook Messenger, then you have all the skills you need to participate. We have presenters covering all aspects of writing, faith and literature. Are you ready to take your writing to the next level? Let us help you! Sign up for the CWCO 2016 today!

Why do I suggest you attend?  Because I would not be a professional writer if it weren’t for these online conferences hosted by the Catholic Writers Guild.


Way back when I was just an anonymous mom-blogger, someone pointed me to the CWG’s online conference one year.  I signed up.  It was something I could do from home, without needing to hire a babysitter, so I figured it was worth a look.

The first year, I learned about six thousand ways to improve my writing.  I also began to learn more about the business side of writing, something I had never understood before.  I made a few changes to the way I was blogging, and began, for the first time in my life, to see how it might be possible to do the kinds of writing I really loved.

I went back again the next year, and learned a pile more.  I was also starting to make friends in the Catholic writing world — nobody famous, but I was meeting other up-and-coming writers.

Over the next few years I got involved in the Catholic Writers Guild.  I started volunteering.  I took my blogging to the next level.  By the time I had a book to write (this one), I had both the skills and the support I needed to get my manuscript published.

I can honestly say that without the Catholic Writers Guild’s online conferences, I wouldn’t be writing for Patheos and I wouldn’t be published.  I know other people do just fine going it alone, but I’m not one of those people. The CWG gave me the community and the skills I needed to set realistic goals and achieve them.

And finally: The Catholic Writers Guild has been a font of friendship.  You won’t find a more genuine, caring, and faithful bunch anywhere else.  We are faithful to the Magisterium, we are devoted to Jesus Christ, and we’re normal people who just want to help each other become the writers God has called us each to be.

If that sounds like who you are and what you want, check out the online conference.

The Catholic Writers Guild

Images courtesy of the Catholic Writers Guild.

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