Cool Gift Ideas for Budding Artists and Art Fans

Cool Gift Ideas for Budding Artists and Art Fans September 6, 2019

Longtime residents of St. Blogs may remember the days of the Crescat.  Katrina Ebersole is a talented writer, but lately I’ve been watching her take off with painting. Totally different, and the speed with which she’s gone from hobbyist to pro is astonishing.  She takes orders for custom artwork (your pet, your parish . . . whatever you’d like), and she offers tutorial videos for her patreon subscribers.

So here was my trouble as a would-be supporter: I don’t need art, because I live with young artists.  My walls are claimed.  I don’t need art lessons because . . . yeah, that’s not going to take me very far just now.  But as I was clicking around her Patreon site, I realized: I live with young artists.  Kat’s lower-tier subscription levels give you access to all her tutorial videos, so even if you have more than one child / grandchild / godchild who’d be interested, it’s a pretty bargain way to support both Kat and your family artist.

If your budget goes a little farther, the higher-tier patronage levels enter you for chances to win prizes and so forth, which adds a little fun to the game (and sets a good example).  Something to think about for Christmas, birthdays, saint days, Confirmation — whenever you’re looking for something personal and meaningful and that won’t likely be duplicated.

Not that there’s anything wrong with giving another glow-in-the-dark crucifix.  Can’t have too many of those.

You can find Katrina on Facebook here.  Scroll through her photos for ideas for commissions. Etsy shop is here for ready-made art, and to subscribe to her videos, go here.

Hey, and if you have other Catholic artists you’d like to recommend, feel free to leave a link for my readers at my Facebook Discussion group, which is the combox for this blog.

Artwork by Katrina Ebersole! courtesy of her Etsy shop.

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