Odd Facts about Income

Odd Facts about Income April 5, 2014

Orthodontists make more than CEOs and that leads to these odd facts:

The comparison is among several tidbits found in the latest data covering 2013. Here are 10 more:

1. The median pay for an athlete or sports competitor is $39,050, which is less than the Miami Heat pays LeBron James per quarter (of a basketball game.)

2. One out of every 17 jobs in America is held by a retail salesperson or a cashier. There are 4.5 million retail salespeople, the most of any occupation. That’s followed by cashiers at 3.3 million. Average pay for those jobs: $12.20 per hour for retail sales and $9.82 for cashiers.

3. Anesthesiologists make the highest average salary of any profession: $235,070 a year. They even earn more than the doctors performing the operations. Surgeons have the second-highest average salary at $233,150.

4. The average annual pay of a nonfarm animal caretaker ($22,510) exceeds that of a child-care worker ($21,490).

5. Of the 10 largest occupations, only registered nurses — with an average annual salary of $68,910 — earn more than the national average for all occupations ($46,440).

6. Both athletic trainers and service-unit operators in the oil, gas and mining industry are precisely at the median annual salary for all U.S. occupations: $42,790.

7. The job with the lowest average hourly pay is a fast-food cook, at $9.07. Those burger flippers (and their peers) are in one of just three occupations with average annual pay of less than $19,000 a year. The others are shampooers – yes, shampooers — and fast-food servers.

8.  Operators of nuclear-power reactors earn an average of $78,410 annually. That’s less than real-estate brokers ($82,380) and funeral-service managers ($80,250).

9. The U.S. boasts 4.6 public-relations specialists for every reporter or correspondent. Those PR pros earn 40% more a year on average than journalists.

10. The median annual salary for economists is $93,070, which they’d probably say is more meaningful than their average salary of $101,450.

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