David Moore, TGC, Part 2

David Moore, TGC, Part 2 March 16, 2015

Recently, David George Moore, who blogs at, offered a reasonable critique of The Gospel Coalition’s approach to criticism of their own. In essence, David called attention to The Gospel Coalition’s tribalism and protection of its own, esp its celebrity pastors, and he did this with grace. But David believes TGC contributes to the evangelical movement and so in this piece David Moore offers further reflections on what he thinks TGC brings to the table.

In my recent piece ( I assumed Denny Burk was part of the Gospel Coalition.  I have found out that he is not.  My apologies for making a connection that does not exist.

I leave it to the reader to determine whether my overall concerns still have merit.

In light of my many conversations over my previous post, along with many men who have modeled a “balance” of sorts for me in how controversies and disagreements are carried out, I wanted to register my considerable gratitude to the Gospel Coalition for the following:

*The equipping of pastors from all over the world.  Providing them with various resources…many of which are free.

*Leaders like Justin Taylor and Trevin Wax who have been responsive to interact with me even over matters of disagreement.

*Several teachers and pastors have encouraged me with their teaching over the years.  Many have made my treadmill work go by much faster!

*The focus on the locality of ministry: a ministry of local pastors to other local pastors.

*The early and formative impact of John Piper’s writings, especially Desiring God, When I Don’t Desire God, and The Supremacy of God in Preaching.

*The intentional focus on missions which has made me more honestly assess my own commitments as a “world Christian.”

*The desire of pastors who are committed to taking the gospel to some of the more challenging situations like the inner city.

*The willingness of older leaders to hand the baton to younger leaders.

*My Calvinistic sympathies and interest in theological study have been challenged, encouraged, and corrected by several things I’ve learned via the Gospel Coalition.

*I’ve never attended, but I hear there are free books given to all who attend their conferences.

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