ML King Jr on Violence

ML King Jr on Violence July 8, 2016

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  • I really wish all “sides” would listen more to the positive and negative examples of the Civil Rights movement right now. MLK Jr. points a way forward for all involved: He both recognizes and refuses to ignore or allow others to ignore ongoing injustice, but he addresses it in a way that brings positive change instead of deepening divides and giving excuses to those opposed to needed reforms.

  • gingoro

    I remember after MLK was killed having to go next door and offer condolences to our negro neighbors.

  • Norman

    Going to work today in downtown Dallas was an emotional challenge. It’s not a night or day I’ll ever forget. Just like I remember that day King was gunned down violently nearly 50 years ago. We live in a contradictory world where people want to do good but our humanity gets in the way. Who shall rescue us from this wretched cursed existence? Thanks be to Jesus Christ! As Christopher Walken might say: we need more Jesus ♥️