Top Questions about Heaven

Top Questions about Heaven January 21, 2017

Heaven Promise

What are the most important questions about heaven you have faced?

Here are the top ten questions about heaven that I discuss in my book, The Heaven Promise.

The paperback edition has a small group study guide that Tara Beth Leach developed.

From a theology of heaven/kingdom, we can derive a vision of Christian living in the here and now. Ignoring a theology of heaven/kingdom diminishes themes of ultimacy and final justice and reconciliation and peace.

What is being taught about heaven in your context?

Do you believe, as I do, that heaven has fallen off the radar for many pastors and theologians? Why is this happening? (Is overdoing in the past a reason to ignore it today?)

No pastor pastors very long without needing and being asked about a theology of heaven/kingdom.

Ten Questions about Heaven

1              What about Near Death Experiences?

2              What about Rewards in Heaven?

3              Who Will Be in Heaven?

4              Is God Fair?

5              Will There Be Families?

6              What about Children Who Die?

7              What about Cremation?

8              What about Purgatory?

9              Will there be Pets in Heaven?

10          Why Believe in Heaven?

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