Your Pastor’s Beard: What Does It Reveal?

Your Pastor’s Beard: What Does It Reveal? October 8, 2018

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  • You left out a Santa Claus beard!

  • Tim Maybray

    What about the clean shaven “no beard” look? What is that indicative of?

  • Ben Swihart

    This seems like the kind of inside joke that subtly keeps women out of the club.

  • Jeff Huston

    “You’ll have a schism with your razor…” 🙂

  • PaddyOConner

    Scripture is enough to keep them out of the pulpit…

  • “Please tell me where your great theology lies”

  • Ben Swihart

    If you are still re-litigating whether or not women are people, consider that maybe this comment wasn’t for you.

  • PaddyOConner

    People which scripture prohibits from the pulpit.

  • Karl Goldsmith

    Not what I think of when I read pastors beard!