Wade Burleson Calls Out SBC Bullying of Beth Moore

Wade Burleson Calls Out SBC Bullying of Beth Moore June 1, 2019

Wade Burleson, who is gifted to tell it like it is, has called out the cyberbullies of Beth Moore, namely, Al Mohler, Tom Ascol, and Owen Strachan.

And this is just the beginning of his long blog post:


I admire your love for Christ, your study of the Scriptures, as well as your systematic theology.

You all know that we share a mutual love for what is historically called The Doctrines of Grace.

I’ve believed in the doctrines of grace since I memorized the book of Romans as a boy.

My wife and I have been with you at many of the same conferences and conventions.

My wife once asked me a pointed question:

“Wade, why do so many Southern Baptists and Christians in general who say they believe in “the doctrines of grace” act so ungraciously?”

It’s a good question. Oh, I know plenty of legalistic, Fundamentalist Arminians who are hostile toward anybody who disagrees with them.

But one doesn’t expect such hostility from those who say they believe in grace.

So here’s my question for you:

“What in the name of John Calvin are you doing when it comes to the social media bullying of Beth Moore and her biblical position on women in SBC leadership?”

Owen Strachan, you started it with one of your Tweets.

One of the scintillating points in his volley of observations is that these folks appeal to the autonomy of the local church when it comes to sexual abuse but when it comes to women preaching on Sunday morning autonomy is overwhelmed by some kind of magisterial authority they alone have.

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  • David Moore

    Hey Scot,
    It would be most helpful to have some working guidelines/criteria of how robust disagreement is distinct from bullying. Depending on the issue, it is easy for one group to say the former slips into the latter when that may not be the case.

  • Jamin Andreas Hübner

    I know nobody cares but it always bothers me when I see such things as “love of systematic theology” attributed to fundamentalists, because there is no one outside the tribe of American evangelicalism who would agree with their view of systematic theology (eg a topical summary of proof texts). So it’s not a love of systematic theology, but rather a love of American evangelical biblicism that hides under the label of “systematic theology.”

  • JohnM

    Yes, it would be. Some examples of what we are talking about in the case at hand would be helpful too.

  • JohnM

    Who has attributed love of systematic theology to fundamentalists?

  • That last paragraph = BOOM!!

  • Agreed! It reinforces the accuracy of Moore’s observation that, “…it was not over Scripture at all. It was over sin. It was over power. It was over misogyny. Sexism. It was about arrogance. About protecting systems. It involved covering abuses and misuses of power.”

  • LLL B.

    Wade Burleson Calls Out SBC Bullying of Beth Moore? Oh please…