It’s Here! Reading Romans Backwards

It’s Here! Reading Romans Backwards July 2, 2019
Our new book is now shipping, thanks to Baylor for pressing the book’s early arrival.
Think of a community that is divided, ethnically split, arrogant, challenged by a corrupt culture, and claiming to be followers of Jesus.
If you’re thinking of the churches in first century Rome, you’re right.  Paul wrote his most famous and significant letter to a community with all sorts of challenges. It’s a shame we often neglect the community and the people behind this very important letter.
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We neglect the community when we begin at 1:1 and wear out and quit after chapter 8.  Recently I spoke with a pastor who said he preached Romans 1-8, wore out, and now wonders if he has the energy to reignite the switch of Romans again.

Romans is as relevant as it gets. There may be no more helpful letter churches need to hear and understand than Paul’s letter to Romans.

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