If Jesus is…

If Jesus is… July 24, 2019

From Ron Sider (reformatted), in his new book If Jesus is Lord ,

But if Jesus is true God as well as true man;

if the eternal Son became human not only to die for our sins but also to reveal how we should live;

if Jesus claimed to be the long-expected Messiah;

if central to Jesus’s gospel is the announcement that the messianic kingdom where forgiveness and shalom reign is now breaking into history in the new community of Jesus’s disciples;

and if, in the power of the risen Lord and the Holy Spirit, it is possible for Jesus’s disciples to live now the norms of Jesus’s dawning kingdom;

if that is what the New Testament teaches (and this book will seek to show in detail that it is), then it is a huge theological mistake to say that contemporary Christians should ignore or set aside what Jesus taught about killing.

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