12 Habits of Writers

12 Habits of Writers August 15, 2019

By Rachel Toor — good habits:

  1. They reject the notion of “writer’s block” the way others shun gluten.
  2. They don’t overtalk their projects. [I’d say they don’t blog and FB and Tweet and Insta about their projects.]
  3. They believe in themselves and their work.
  4. They know that a lot of important stuff happens when they’re not “working.”
  5. They’re passionate about their projects.
  6. They know what they’re good at.
  7. They read a lot, and widely.
  8. They know how to finish a draft.
  9. They work on more than one thing at once.
  10. They leave off at a point where it will be easy to start again.
  11. They don’t let themselves off the hook.
  12. They know there are no shortcuts, magic bullets, special exercises, or incantations.

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