The New Testament You Never Knew (RJS)

The New Testament You Never Knew (RJS) August 29, 2019

Tuesday’s post on creation care highlighted the need for a careful and informed approach to the bible and to biblical theology. There are not easy and straightforward answers to many of the questions raised in our modern world. Unfortunately many Christians have a rather poor understanding of Scripture as a whole and of the nature of the Bible. This does not help matters. Sermons alone are not usually sufficient to raise biblical literacy and understanding. Those of us who attended Christian colleges are slightly better off, as introductory or survey courses are often required, although we all have more to learn. Some people have the necessary skills for productive self study but many don’t. Some small groups are driven to in depth consideration of the text, but most need good resources and direction. This fall I will be involved in leading a discussion class at our church using a new resource available from Zondervan: The New Testament You Never Knew consisting of a DVD and Study Guide featuring N.T. Wright and Michael Bird (also available separately DVD and Study Guide).

Promo video:

The New Testament You Never Knew is an excellent introductory resource to bring biblical education into the local church through adult education or small group gatherings. (Unlike Creation Care, The New Testament You Never Knew is designed for such use and does not include the same explicit prohibition found on that DVD.) The DVD contains eight 20 to 25 minute sessions covering:

  1. The Books of the New Testament
  2. The World of Jesus and the Apostles
  3. The Life and Death of Jesus
  4. The Resurrection of Jesus
  5. The Ministry of the Apostle Paul
  6. The Early Christians and the Church
  7. The Mission of the Church
  8. The Creation of the New Testament

A five minute preview of the first session is also available on YouTube:

As we have only about 40 minutes one once people gather and settle down, and some time is reserved for prayer requests and the like, we will probably stretch the series over a longer period of time – 12 to 14 weeks. Fortunately there are obvious breakpoints in many of the episodes allowing 10 to 15 minute segments followed by discussion.

This should be good. I’m looking forward to the fall and a good discussion.

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