When is a person a person? 3 libertarians debate abortion

When is a person a person? 3 libertarians debate abortion July 10, 2013

If you have a spare hour (actually 50 minutes) and give two or more hoots about the abortion debate, it’s worth watching this Reason-hosted conversation between Nick Gillespie, Ronald Bailey, Katherine Mangu-Ward, and Mollie Hemingway. Hemingway, as you likely know, writes for the excellent GetReligion blog, hosted by Patheos.

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  • Susan_G1

    This was an interesting debate. It is helpful to listen to multiple points of view from intelligent, thoughtful people. I didn’t know the early history of abortion (1800s eugenics). So, while long, this was much appreciated. Thanks!

  • garbo77

    Hi to everyone! We must ask: When does the baby start to grow? Is it not at conception when the egg is fertilized? How can the baby start growing if it is not alive? Is it not obvious that life starts at conception? Then would not the rights of the baby start at that time? Dead beings don’t grow or thrive, but ones that are alive!

    Why don’t we get honest and quick playing games about abortion? Most all abortions are for convenience whether it be that the Mother is afraid to have the baby, for whatever reason, or just doesn’t want to be bothered with it. Let’s face it, raising a child is expensive and it is work. And many Moms just don’t want to face that challenge, especially when the Father wants nothing to do with the baby and leaves it all to the Mother; but still not a reason to murder the child.

    If abortion clinics would give to the Mother a list of negative emotional effects that having an abortion is to the Mother, I feel more Mothers would choose to give birth. However, abortion clinics are in business for the money and aren’t likely to do anything to influence the Mother to not have the abortion. The last I heard, the clinics were selling different parts of the babies for experiments in laboratories and paying the Mothers to have the abortion. Has anyone heard anything contrary to this statement? I understand that this was true some time ago.

    Moms, if you don’t want the baby, adopt it to someone who does, but, please, do not murder the child!

    God Bless!

    Dr. Gary

    • Susan_G1

      It is a shame that you do not appear to have heard the fine points of the debate. Why do you believe your opinions are more “honest” than those of the thoughtful people on the panel? Furthermore, the opinions you have shared were also discussed in the video.

      My opinions are just opinions, as are yours. I find the language you use, labeling the mother as a murderer, offensive. I think just about every woman who has an abortion knows she is killing a child. When you call her a murderer (legally untrue, and possibly morally offensive), you only make yourself feel superior and the mother alienated, perhaps from God’s love and the fellowship of believers. If you truly care about reducing the numbers of abortions, are you also open to truly free contraception? If you were listening in the debate, you might have learned that criminalizing abortion will not prevent it. Then, will you accept the label of murderer when a woman dies in a back alley? For you will indeed be one.

      Dr. Susan