FOX News ISN’T News; It’s So Much More

FOX News ISN’T News; It’s So Much More October 21, 2009

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angryComplaining that Fox News isn’t news is like complaining that a lemonade stand isn’t a bar. It’s not supposed to be. That’s not its purpose.

The purpose of Fox News (or certainly of the Fox News “personalities” and commentators) isn’t to present “fair and balanced” anything. The purpose of Fox News is to mirror and affirm the anger so many people carry around with them.

You generally feel powerless and victimized; you’re furious; you’re just looking for a way to focus and justify that anger. And there’s Glenn Beck, railing and crying over the gross injustices of all the people in power who are immoral idiots bent on destroying everything that’s decent and good.

Or there’s Keith Olbermann, doing exactly the same thing.

And there are the CEO’s of both of their companies, happily counting their money, secure in the knowledge that anger is always the gift that keeps on giving.

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