Top 10 Tips For Becoming a Better Husband

Top 10 Tips For Becoming a Better Husband March 6, 2010

So sorry for the re-linky inconvenience, but the post you’re looking for is 10 Tips for Becoming an Amazaballs Husband.

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  • James

    I'm rolling. Actually, my wife is rolling even more. Thanks for this. You are a wise, wise man, John.

  • Thank, James; I really appreciate that.

  • Tim

    Actually I'm not the best authority on being a good husband since my marriage suffered a slow depression-fed death over the course of 15 years. Nonetheless, I believe if a husband will earnestly embrace his wrongness, those other nine tips will hopefully not be as big a deal, if they even exist in the first place. The way I see it, if I am truly embracing my wrongness, though I will certainly be fidgety, I will hopefully maintain a respectful tone, have a decent opinion, give of myself, not complain about my job, be gracious regarding other people's wrongness, and kindly encourage their rightness. Sadly, in regards to the hormonally crazed tip, BEING hormonally crazed possibly could have SAVED my marriage.

    Sorry to be such a wet blankie, John. I know your post is funny. But I also think your humor can sometimes cause the kind of painful introspection in myself, that maybe fuels/inspires so much of your own talent.


  • Ken

    I love your sense of humour, it makes such an easy read 🙂 for a husband to be, this stuff is neat 🙂

  • Jill

    You are wrong about a lot of this. Especially about men being wrong ALL the time. It's not all the time, it's only some of the time. But you are most wrong about #9. Honestly, if my husband tells me I am talking too loud in the grocery store one more time, as though it even mattered if someone overheard our barely whispered conversation about eggs, I WILL stab him with the nearest fork. The nearest restaurant is a KFC, so that would probably entail me running across the parking lot for a spork.

  • Grady Watson

    (response to Jill) Oh, I think John is definitely right about #9! My wife, even though she shows it in wierd ways, LOVES me to tell her how to act in public. I love when she make that cute face like she's annoyed. AAHH HAHAHAHAHaHaHaHaHa . . .

    (Love it, John!)


    my thoughts:

    1- yes we should keep in mind we could be wrong, should always keep in mind.. that no one knows everything, no one other then god himself.. and i would say wife is right 9 times out of

    2- this one will be hard to change.. to me, men for the most part seem to be right to the point and short in conversation.. women like to get into lenghty conversations.. , this often causes me to forget what we are even talking about.. lol, but yes if it was possible.. this would be good, to not let them know were wanting the conversation to be over.. and get back.. moving again..

    3- yes.. watch your tone very closely.. this will have a great effect on how what you say is takin4shure! this could change what your saying to somthing much different!

    4- going along with how wife feels.. is the easiest road by far… but she will be wise to the fact of what you are doing … so just give your real opinion is probley best rout

    5- yes, gifts make them feel thought of.. and special.. be shure to no miss any special occassions.. or you will regret it!

    6- yes woman want to feel loved more then sexually desired for the most part

    7- i agree woman hate to hear about how our jobs suck.. they feel what we do is nothing in comparison to them being at home with the kids.. and they would be correct in the thinking..ha

    8- yes.. forget being on time.. those days are over..ha..

    9 – my wifes to buisy trying to tell **me** how to behave in public, for me to be able to do

  • I’m not getting any work done, jumping from link to link here. But you seem to be channeling my husband on this post. As we’ve been together 39 years, married 32, I think you’re on to something. I’ll let you know what it is as soon as we figure it out.

  • ms.glove

    Hmm… I wonder what it means if the only two reasons applicable to my husband are numbers 1 and 5? Don’t get me wrong, if this were a list of 25, I could easily fill in the other 15, but as far as THIS list, not so much.