Atheism’s Two Big Failures

Atheism’s Two Big Failures November 30, 2010

It’s really wrong to stereotype.

Speaking of all atheists, could they be more irrational than they are whenever they insist that rational thought is the best way to process reality?

A. It’s no more rational to assume that there isn’t a God than to assume that there is. The atheist seeking to demonstrate his allegiance to rational thought could do no better than to admit that he possesses not one more iota of objective, empirically verifiable proof that there isn’t a God than anyone else possesses that there is. Claiming it’s more rational to assume there is no God is like claiming it’s more rational to assume a tossed coin will come up tails rather than heads.  The rational mind must admit that, at best, it’s even either way.

B. Claiming that the rational mind is the best tool for going through life is like claiming that a hammer is the best tool in the carpenter’s tool box. It isn’t. Hammers are great for pounding nails, but they can’t saw wood worth a dang. The rational mind is great for some things, but useless for others. I use my rational mind to do my taxes and keep road directions in my head; it plays no role whatsoever in, for instance, my experiencing of art, intuition or emotions.

Atheism fails in these two ways: By claiming it’s more rational than not to assume there’s no God, and by asserting or suggesting that it’s possible—let alone desirable—to lead a life defined by rationality.


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