I’m Too Sexy for My Codpiece

I’m Too Sexy for My Codpiece January 27, 2011

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  • Don Rappe


  • I love history. I love it even more when it is put in such a hilarious light.

  • you don’t need to apologize for this… it made me laugh.

  • We should bring back the codpiece.

    In our modern, materialistic age, depressive illness is on the rise. Encouraging our men to wear codpieces would make everyone laugh every day and provide an effective cure.

  • berkshire

    In heavy metal circles, the codpiece never went out of style.

  • Mary G

    Fun read, but I really gotta question some of your historical reference sources… 😉 “Indian women took to wearing undergarments made entirely from flower petals.” ???? Really??? LOL

  • Hey, what can I say? When it comes to stuff like this, some of us know what we’re talking about, and some of us just make up any stupid thing because when we wrote this it was two in the morning and we were exhausted and just goofing around.

  • Mindy

    You have clarified much here in this historical accounting. Including the fact that you are apparently able to access a portion of the brain that remains closed to us mere mortals.

    I very nearly frightened the dog with my chuckling . . . .

  • Eldridge Cleaver was way ahead of you, man:


    He claimed, as I recall, that wearing underwear and keeping your junk hidden (my translation) was an abomination against God.

    Eldridge was a nut-job, but fashion, er, forward…so to speak.

  • Which goes to show ya that being “born again” doesn’t really solve the larger issues in your life, though it does make for interesting bedfellows. Eldridge was a member of the Church of LDS when he died. I wonder if he ever modified his special LDS undies?

  • Allen

    “fashion has always been primarily about attracting members of the opposite sex.”

    for you, maybe. :.)

  • I’m totally getting one of those helmets, though.

    I mean, if I’m going to be out of style anyway, I might as well be an out-of-style Roman soldier with a dead animal on my head. That is nothing short of awesome!

  • Mindy

    Time for embarrassing confession: I had no idea, until this very day, what a codpiece actually was. Now I’m embarrassed to have this information rolling around my brain.

  • Don Rappe

    I believe, from a historical point of view. they used the stamens and stems as well. Sometimes the underwear was worn over the ears when there was little for it to be under.

  • Lore

    Greeks wore chitons, Romans wore togas. But everything else in this article was impressively accurate.

  • “Barbia addressed the Roman senate with a slave named Brazziericus more or less hidden behind her, holding up her breasts. Everyone agreed she’d never looked better. Thus was born the only fashion rage in the history of the world to be wholeheartedly supported by slaves.”

    …and also, the only fashion rage which relied entirely on support by slaves…

    I still enjoy Oscar Wilde’s quip on the subject: “Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.”

  • cat rennolds

    I’m a fashion history nut. And this is hysterical.