Adam and Eve, the day after exile

Adam and Eve, the day after exile February 17, 2011

Sorry for inconvenience, but the post you’re looking for is Adam and Eve: Kicked Out.

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  • Donald Rappe

    My grandmother could remember when the airplane was invented and now, I’ll be able to remember this!

  • Donald Rappe

    Well, this and the atom bomb. I can remember when that was invented too.

  • Tim

    Lots of People who believe in God, believe that humankind eventually came about through the course of evolution. If this is true, I’ve wondered at what phase of evolutionary development did the allegorical Eve (and Adam) eat the allegorical forbidden fruit? It would seem that transgressing law would require higher brain function if the allegorical transgressor KNEW they were transgressing law in the first place (as opposed to a random involuntary reaction to random involuntary stimuli). I guess that could mean I don’t have to envision some primordial organic squiggle of an Eve, intentionally consuming some forbidden organic molecule against God’s expressed will. I’d hate to think that some entamoebic Eve, spaztically flitting about, would forever alter the intended course of evolutionary development, thereby rending humankind developmentally challenged.

    A teenage daughter of a friend rebelled against her parents and ran off to live with a male acquaintance who she was deeeeeeply in love with. The young couple enjoyed each other fully surrendered to the naked condom-free passion

  • Tim

    F-ing iPad…(cont’d)

    …of their love. Shortly after the boyfriend abandoned the friend’s daughter for another lover, she told her parents how sorry she had felt for them at the peak of her own torrid love affair. They couldn’t possibly have understood what REAL love was like. They (mom and dad) obviously didn’t “have it”. She eventually came to realize how shallow the love of her six month relationship was, compared to the depth of her parent’s love for each other. Even more so, the love her parents had for her…through all of her youthful rebellion.

  • I feel so thrilled for you, Don. What a story you’ll one day have to tell people who’ll have no idea what you’re talking about or why they should care. But you’ll know. And I’ll know. And that will be enough.

  • Debbie

    I already have no idea what you are talking about – both of you – LOL!

    Why is half of this story missing?

    @Tim – if Adam and Eve were myths so is Jesus…

    which means we are just people with no real hope yet we are people who have loads of different stories to choose from that will get us through each day…but hey we have each other to tell them to 🙂

  • Debbie

    Dang – this was meant to go under Donald and Johns chat.