Your New Badge of Honor

Your New Badge of Honor May 28, 2011

Here’s my new web badge, designed by the inimitable Dan Wilkinson. In the future (being, like, tomorrow) this badge and the code needed to display it on anyone’s blog or website will reside together in a widget over there on my sidebar (======>). But I thought I’d do its big unveiling here.

(Actually, pretty soon this badge and its codefully goodness will reside together in a sidebar widget on my entirely brand-new mega-fancy website, of which this badge is, aesthetically speaking, but a taste.)

Forthcoming new website! Woot-wooteth!

I totally made up that word.*

If you are not ashamed to buck the trend and be publicly linked to me, awesomeness. All you gotta do to snag my new Da Vinci Dweeb badge for proud display on your blog or website is copy and paste this HTML code onto your blog or website:

<a href="" title=""><img src="" alt=""/></a>

The code for this badge will never not link to my blog, which will always reside right here at

If you do put this on your blog or website, thank you. Seriously: such support means a great deal to me. (And if you do put it on your blog or site, email me with the url and name of your blog/site. With my new site I’ll have a blogroll, and will then be sure to put you on it.)


*Okay, fine: my friend Eric Booth made-up “wooteth!” Don’t you love it? Me, too. That’s why if Eric ever uses it again I’ll sue him so fast he’ll lose his shirt while he’s buttoning it.

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  • Whait, so wooteth has an h in it? Are you sure? In what version of the KJV did you see that?

    Love your new badge. Wooteth.

  • Hilarious. But you’re right: no “h.”

    But you can’t use it again either way. STOP BREAKING THE RULES!

  • Once I get home from vacation, this will sit prettily on my blog page as well!

  • Richard W. Fitch

    ……so are we onm a campaign to get the “H” out of everything?

  • We were, until I realized it would mean titling this post, “Your New Badge of Onor.”

  • Linked up, John. 🙂

  • That button was too good to pass up. Consider yourself linked 🙂

  • Don Rappe

    That’s honor in Spanish! I’m pretty sure I get to sing a canta about “honor y honra”.

  • Gotcha. Thank you! Will happily blogroll you on new site.

  • Love it.

  • Okay, can you help me? Exactly where will I paste it? I tried adding it in the box that says HTML/JavaScript but it didn’t work.

  • You put the code in a text widget that you’ve dragged over into your sidebar — if that makes sense.

  • I love the badge. Nicely done.

    I was sent here by a good friend who thinks quite highly of you. I thus far concur.

    One question, and your answer won’t change my decision in any way (unless you bust into a hate filled tirade and condemn me to a place you are unconcerned with); if I put your widget in my sidebar, will you still blogroll me, given that I publish an atheist blog that surely expresses views that you wholeheartedly disagree with?

    I wouldn’t blame you for respectfully declining. I have noble intentions, and I agree with 99% of what you are saying (or 1%, depending on how much weight you give a singular proposition). I can give solid references.

    I think you earned yourself a regular today…

  • Hi, George. I like your blog; I’d have no trouble whatsoever blogrolling it. Life’s no fun if all you do is hang out with people who agree with you. I like people who are smart and kind — and you’re pretty clearly both. (And thanks for kind words re: my stuff.)

  • I’m glad. I have to say, I’m in the midst of an intellectual renaissance.

    I was formerly active in a church that prided itself on being progressive, relevant, “hip”, if you will.

    I walked away in disgust when I found the whole facade to be “doublespeak” and lip service.

    I think sometimes on the internet, us non-believers live in a bubble, where the only believers we ever seem to meet are the gay hating, fire and brimstone, anti-science types. This experience to me, was not unlike the my own intimate experiences in the church of my youth, save my churches insistence on putting lipstick on the pig.

    All of a sudden, in the last 4 months, I’m getting immersed in a completely different view of Christianity. I’ve met an amazing anabaptist, an inquisitive universalist, and eavesdropped on conversations that I would have imagined entirely un-Christian not long ago. It is really changing my opinion of Christians, and re-invigorating a part of me that I left behind in that hypocritical church. As I said to my increasingly excited universalist friend, I don’t see myself ever being a Christian again, but I’m definitely a different atheist.

    You have been sidebarred. I look forward to keeping in touch…..

  • I look forward to you staying in touch. (Oh, and by way of sort of checking out, or whatever, the sort of Christian at least I am, see this group I started: ThruWay Christians.) Hey, thanks for badge placing. You’re in my To Be Blogrolled folder for upcoming new site.

  • Working on adding the icon to my own blog. Thank goodness I made the move to wordpress a few months ago. Doing this stuff on my old blog server prompted the desire to dent my desk with my head while uttering sailorspeak. Now I just skip the desk denting and go straight to sailorspeak.

    why? Because I can’t get it to work! the image won’t go onto my sidebar!

    Oh wait! adjust what I am moving over to JUST the image itself and wala!! YAY, and I was only slightly pre-caffeinated too!

  • Alrighty,

    You’re lovely face (and the vetruvian man’s sculpted bod) now rest nicely on the right hand side of my blog

    I don’t get many clicks out of my place, but a few may come along

  • Nice. Thanks. You’re in my To Be Blogrolled Once My Awesome New Site Is Up folder. (And, for what it’s worth, I couldn’t care less how many clicks you get. Friends are friends.)

  • cat rennolds

    Hi, your friendly neighborhood Grammar Paladin here. Mistaken use of “wooteth.”

    Woot: Interjection. A loud, excited noise of approval. Or noise of excited approval.

    To woot: Verb. To make loud excited approval noises.

    Wooteth: archaic, third person present form of the verb “to woot,” to wit, “Lo, John wooteth.’

    It’s okay. I’m wootin’ for ya.

  • cat rennolds


    Woot: Noun. 1. an instance of wooting. “John made a loud woot.” 2. A lisping radicle. “Money is the woot of all evil.”

    I woot, thou wootest, he, she or it wooteth.

    I didst woot, thou didst woot, and he, she or it didst woot.

    And then lo, I hast wooted, thou hast wooted, and he, she or it hast wooted.

    Let us all then woot together in the Spirit. Amen.

  • cat rennolds

    wups. He hath wooted. Not hast.