If no one’s being hurt or exploited, God’s okay with your sexuality

If no one’s being hurt or exploited, God’s okay with your sexuality February 17, 2012

Lately I’ve received a fair number of emails from people wanting me to understand all kinds of things about human sexuality. (The most popular/immediate being that pansexuals are people who are basically not yet ready to admit that they’re bisexual or gay.)

So about all that sort of thing I just want to say real quick: I don’t care.

Asexual, heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual, pansexual, polysexual, polyamory, transgender, third gender, two-spirit, genderqueer, intersex, cissexual, gets off watching Dukes of Hazzard, shouldn’t be left alone with large fruits or vegetables … I. simply. Do. Not. Care.

I don’t want anyone hurting or in any way violating or exploiting anyone else, of course. And certainly no one should ever sexualize children. Beyond that, why should I care what another person does with their affections and/or body? If everyone involved in any kind of sexual attraction or activity is a sane, capable, consenting adult, I’m out, concern-wise. That’s their business. Not mine. Not yours. Not their pastor’s. Not anyone’s pastor. Theirs. No one but the people doing it have any legitimate reason to be concerned with what they’re doing or whom they’re doing it with.

What has got to go is the tired, toxic, useless nonsense that God is concerned, that God is morally outraged by all sexual activity that isn’t between a man and woman who are straight and married to each other. That’s just so … unhelpfully immature.

God cares that people maximally love and are loved. God wants people to enjoy the emotional health that comes from being consistently well loved by consistently good people. God wants everyone to cultivate and evince a sense of honor about themselves and others.

Christ didn’t sacrifice himself on the cross so that everyone could start worrying about what everyone else was doing with their sexuality. He let himself be killed by hate so that we might at least begin to grasp how true it is that the only thing that ever matters is love.

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