My wife and I on why “God condemns homosexuality” is irrational, unbiblical, unfair, and un-Christian. [VIDEO]

My wife and I on why “God condemns homosexuality” is irrational, unbiblical, unfair, and un-Christian. [VIDEO] September 9, 2013


In association with The Not All Like That (NALT) Christians Project, my wife Catherine and I made the video below.

Please do not think that your NALT video needs to be anywhere near as long and/or polished as this; a simple, obviously-homemade, “I’m a Christian, and I support full LGBT equality within and without the church,” can have as much impact as any other message. Some of our favorite NALT videos so far don’t say much if anything beyond that.

And if you’re an LGBT-affirming Christian, do make your own NALT video. Doing so is easy, free, and about as high-tech as sending an email. If you don’t have a gmail account, get one for free. Once you have that account, you automatically also have a YouTube “channel”: a place where you can put yours or anyone else’s YouTube videos. It’s to that page that you’ll upload your NALT video. Mark your video as Public (as opposed to Private) so that we can view it and share it, submit it to us here, we’ll move it onto the NALT Videos page, and just like that you’ll be helping to change the world for the better. For real. (And don’t forget to like NALT’s Facebook page and to follow NALT on Twitter.)

Here’s to all of us, together, bringing Christianity back to what it’s supposed to be.

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  • Gordon

    This is really excellent! Thanks for sharing it. I’m really excited about what NALT can become.

  • Thank You John and Catherine!! You gave me an idea for a project 🙂 It concerns the letter I wrote you, last week….I’ll let you know what it is once I have figured out the nuances!

  • Allie

    Good video. My husband, who was raised Baptist, had one criticism. He would like to point out that the people he was raised among do NOT use their judgment to make a distinction between taking communion wine and being habitually drunk; both are equally sinful to them and they drink grape juice instead, despite that being in direct defiance of Jesus’ specific commandment to drink wine in remembrance of him. They may seem to be deeply interested in what the Bible says, but they really aren’t, when it steps on whatever they have decided to think. They are not big fans of using their judgment (perhaps because many of them know from experience that they have lousy judgment) and they are very big on following human authority figures. Even when the human authority figures CONTRADICT the Bible, they will claim that they literally follow every word of the Bible.

    Now, my reaction. Wow, Cat is gorgeous! She’s like a super-hero! I’ve never seen Cat before and I have to say, John, you lucked out, man.

  • Elizabeth

    I know, right? You stay at school instead of going home at break, and you find HER in the laundry room. God and His mysterious ways.

  • Matt

    I had the exact same thought. It was great to hear her speak too–she’s just as brilliant as I imagined her being.

  • Dana

    John and Cat,

    Great answer to some of the more fundamental Christian arguments. I do have a question on how to answer the most basic statement made by anti-gay Christians; the one that God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve, so that they can pro-create. That is the one area that I’m troubled with. I agree that the Bible doesn’t have an all-condemning statement against homosexuality, and I’m so sick of these Christians pushing young teens, who are just coming to terms with their sexuality, to the brink of suicide, if not to actually accomplish the task. There is still way too much bullying being done today against our LGBT brothers and sisters and I want to help stop it. But, I need to be armed with all of the come backs to the Christian arguments against homosexuality. Can you help?

  • Elizabeth
  • John (not McCain)

    One of the churches I used to go to used white grape juice for communion. Always made me think of the pus of Christ. Probably not what they were aiming for.

  • Lyn

    Of *course* God created Adam and Eve and not Adam and Steve as the first couple. He was creating an entire race, right? He couldn’t do that with two men or two women (well, I mean, He could, but it would have broken the pattern with the rest of creation that we use to learn more about ourselves). They needed to procreate. They needed to be fruitful and multiply.

    But that was when the human population was 2 people, not 7 billion. There comes a point in a population where popping out babies isn’t the only thing you need. You need a few spare adults around who don’t have kids to help out the adults who do have kids, or step in and parents if the parents die or are too disabled to provide for their children.

    Additionally, as soon as sin entered the world, sexism and gender conflicts entered the world. It’s what God is describing when he’s telling Eve that because of sin women will be drawn to their husbands, but the husbands will “lord it over” their wives– He’s not describing the way things should be, He’s describing how they will be because of sin. LGBTQIA people– people who stand in the gap and can’t be grouped into one of the “men who love women” or “women who love men” camps– are necessary to ameliorate the effects of sin, to be a bridge between the two main groups of human beings. This is why so many cultures regard LGBTQIA people as uniquely spiritually gifted (that, and if God was both male and female, then people who have both natures within them in some form or another have a nature that is closer to God’s).

    But such people weren’t necessary until sin entered the world, and until society grew enough that conflict between the sexes would create social problems. How soon was this? Who knows. Could be one of Adam and Eve’s unnamed daughters or sons was LGBTQIA. We don’t know. The Bible only traces the genealogy of a handful of people. By the fact that they had offspring, none of them behaved entirely homosexually, but any of them could have been gay.

    If people want to argue that the Adam and Eve model is the only model for marriage, then they’d better start waiting for God to physically present them with a mate, have no wedding ceremony (other than maybe repeating what Adam is recorded as saying to Eve in the presence of no one but God), and eschew all legal recognition. (It probably ought to be done naked, too.) Anything more than a basic verbal recognition of your commitment to each other and then sexual congress has been added on by society. And if it’s been added on by society, then why should Christians care?

  • Lyn

    As someone who is allergic to raw red and purple grapes and wine, I’m happy to take communion at a church that uses pasteurized grape juice, to which I’m not as allergic (though I associate the taste of purple grapes with Bad Things and so am not terribly fond of it, either). I would be even happier to have white grape juice (the blood plasma of Christ?).

  • Allie

    I like your response but would add that in the modern world, there is no earthly reason why gay men and women can’t procreate. There are just about enough of them for them to match up with each other (my gay sister who is in the Army married a gay man in order to avert questions) and if the individuals involved don’t want to do that, many straight people these days have babies who were conceived in a lab, not a bed. No reason that being gay means opting out of the gene pool.

  • Lyn

    Absolutely. You don’t even need to “cheat” on your same-sex partner to conceive. Artificial insemination pretty much only requires some viable semen and a turkey baster. The bio father doesn’t even have to be present when conception takes place.

  • Todd Reeder

    Recently a “Christian” couple stiffed a Kansas City waiter they believed to be gay? They left no tip but wrote this on the check:”Thank you for your service, it was excellent. That being said, we cannot in good conscience tip you, for your homosexual lifestyle is an affront to GOD. Fags do not share in the wealth of GOD, and you will not share in ours. We hope you will see the tip your fag choices made you lose out on, and plan accordingly. It is never too late for GOD’s love, but none shall be spared for faggotry. May GOD have mercy on you.”