Fifty shades of Jesus

Fifty shades of Jesus December 14, 2013

What color was Jesus? That’s an easy question to answer. All you have to do is figure out what color his father God is.


I believe sane people everywhere can agree that the best answer to the question of what color Jesus was is … “Yes.”

Unless you’re online. Then the best answer is the song “Some Children See Him,” off the album James Taylor at Christmas. (The whole album is awesome; my wife Catherine and I have a ridiculously huge collection of Christmas music, and James’s is one of the two or three we play most often. I’m not a big fan of attaching pictures to songs, but … YouTube-wise, this is all I could find…):

As to the question, “What color is Santa Claus? Speaking personally, I can only say that included amongst the Christmas decorations at my house are two Santa figurines, each about a foot high. We bought them some twenty years ago. Here’s one of them:

Whoa. I see Santa’s belt needs gluing. Yikes! That’s just … wrong.

Anyway, here’s our other Santa:

So, as you see, on this issue, too, I vote “Yes.”

I hope all of you are having the very best Christmas/Holiday season ever.

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