Who needs fundamentalism during Christmas? Nobody.

Who needs fundamentalism during Christmas? Nobody. December 4, 2013

You may have heard about the 40 x 40 foot billboard launched this week in Times Square by the American Atheists. It’s digital, and plays this:


Over on the Unfundamentalist Christians Facebook page, a reader named Jill Sofia left the message below, which I think is one of the better commentaries I’ve read on this matter:

Having numerous fantastic atheist and agnostic friends, as well as an agnostic husband, I never had any problem with those “Good Without God” billboards. But IMHO this animated billboard—placed by American Atheists in Times Square—is not only obnoxious, but is also playing right into the hands of religious fundamentalists who claim there is a “War on Christmas.” (I can just see the fundies wringing their hands with glee, saying, “See? We were right!”) If American Atheists wanted to emphasize that it’s more important to do works of charity than go to church during this season, that should have been their primary statement. Instead, the first message is “WHO NEEDS CHRIST [crossed out] DURING CHRISTMAS? NOBODY.” Again, I do not challenge their freedom to put up this sign—that is their legal right. But I find it at least as creepy and hostile as the “Keep Christ in Christmas” signs waved around incessantly by fundamentalists.

Sanity for the win.

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