Ohio State University teaches Christians are stupider than atheists

Ohio State University teaches Christians are stupider than atheists July 28, 2014

[UPDATE: Do I smell a right-wing Christian rat behind Ohio State’s psych quiz “controversy”?]

At Ohio State University, Psychology 1100 is a required core class for all students. A quiz offered in that class poses this question:

Theo has an IQ of 100 and Aine has an IQ of 125. Which of the following statements would you expect to be true?

  • Theo is more liberal than Aine.
  • Theo is an atheist, while Aine is a Christian.
  • Aine earns less money than Theo.
  • Aine is an atheist, while Theo is a Christian.

As you can see from the picture below, the correct answer is the last choice: Aine, with her superior IQ, should be expected to be an atheist. Theo, we assume, should be expected to starve to death trying to figure out how forks and spoons work.


According to its class description, OSU’s Psychology 1100 class teaches “Application of the scientific method to the empirical study of behavior with emphasis on individual and cultural differences.” How great is that? The title of the class textbook is Psychology: A Framework for Everyday Thinking.

Who doesn’t like to think every day?

Speaking of which, we would like to suggest the following question for the next Psychology 1100 quiz at Ohio State University:

You are a professor of psychology here at OSU. (Go Buckeyes!) Which of the following statements would you expect to be true?

  • You are an arrogant, painfully provincial hack.
  • You should be teaching a psychology class like Glenn Beck should be teaching a class in critical thinking.
  • You’re so shamelessly lazy that you can’t even be bothered to check quizzes that you allow your teaching assistants to hand out in your name.
  • You’re stuck in an education system that treats students like cattle and teachers like factory workers.


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