Poetry in Mobile

Poetry in Mobile February 12, 2011

The lovely Ms. Julia picked up the gorgeous Ms. Gwen Smith and I at the hotel and carried us out to the church.

Where we met the hardworking Ms. Jacobs and Ms. Dye, who had been at the church since 8 a.m. decorating & preparing.

Christ United Methodist in Mobile is a beautiful church.

But the extent to which all the folks have gone to decorating and preparing for this Women’s Conference left me gap-mouthed.

Bags are filled.

Name tags await.

The Lord’s Table is prepared.

And so is ours.

The prayer room is available.

The name of every attendant has been stitched in prayer at the altar.

Quilts with stories of their own to tell have been hung throughout the church, like this one: In May 2007 when Carey Dueitt was killed in a tragic accident, Nina Clotfelter crafted a quilt for each of his two children and his wife. This one is called Hugs from Daddy, made from Carey’s work shirt. The thing his son saw him head out the door in everyday.  When he wraps himself up in this quilt, Carey’s son feels as though he’s getting a hug from his daddy.

This quilt was made by Pam Autry, wife of the pastor at Kingswood Methodist. Each square represents one of the churches in the district and displays a photo of that church.

I feel so “Lucky” to be among this group of talented, creative souls.

From the power point guru Boyce, who, yes, has an identical twin brother named Royce.

To Bo Busby who designed this lovely & so aptly funny logo.

To the very special fellow who arranged all those lovely tables in such a manner that at the center is the Cross.

And you want to know what his wife’s name is?

You all are going to love this little bit of God’s Poetry:

Linda Barnes.

My sister’s name.




Isn’t God funny and perfect and such a poet in every way?

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