Rambling Woman Part 3

Rambling Woman Part 3 March 8, 2011

Charleston demands a poet

So I found one of my favorites to hang with

You have to absolutely adore people who are as cuddly as this, right?

I left Charleston in search of this place

I am always delighted when I find my friends on the shelves.

Miz Claire was busily getting ready for the Moveable Feast

This is about all I saw of the Atlantic

Ellen & friends from Clinton & Fayetteville made the trip over to the beach

Rebecca and I worked in a little extra time by staying up long past the midnight hour

But Ellen & the Clinton gang all showed up for the Moveable Feast — 15 minutes of talking at each table.

What’s a day at the beach without a  mermaid?

Or a beautiful woman

Of one sort or another?

The staff at Quartermoon are a hard-working bunch. The feast was sold-out — and so was Double-Wide.

I left out early the next morning

So I could hear this man preach. No. Not in Ronnie’s market. Up the street @ Cornith UMC. Steve Taylor and I figured out we attended the same football games in high school. Only he was on the field and I was in the stands. I guess since he was preaching & I was listening, technically he’s till on the fields and I’m still in the stands.

I drove through pelting rain to Raleigh where I met up with these good people

You already know that Hugh & Renea are two of my favorite people

Now you can add A.J. & Cynthia to that list. They are starting an urban church in Raleigh at the Lincoln Theater. They help with Love Wins. (Cynthia don’t forget the table for Sunday.)

I drank enough coffee on Sunday to fuel an army, but it was worth it. Julie and I grabbed a cup in Greensboro, where we also swapped books. Ron Hogan introduced us at the Alabama Book Festival and I am so glad he did. Julie works in the publicity end of books and I’m telling you what… she should be writing the books.  The stories she knows.

I made Hickory by midnight where I got to visit with Eddie D. and Miz Judy. We drank some Washington wine & swapped more stories.

And I dropped by to take Dad his own copy of the book.

And I ran by the old home place, where I visited Cuz Joel at the newspaper

And I took in as many local sights along the route as I dared

I am hoping one of you will come up with a caption for this one, which compelled me to turn the car around for a second-look.  If the idea is that the curtains will draw your eye away from everything else, I’m not exactly sure they’ve achieved that total look yet.

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