A few of my favorite things

A few of my favorite things June 4, 2011

Cleaned my office this week & found my Pulpwood Queen Crown

Thought you might want to see what I’m reading

This Redbird was a gift from The Redhead

There are stories behind these photos. And yes, that is Michael W. Smith, interviewed him some years ago and took that snapshot. And that dirt? It comes from The Veteran’s garden in Tennessee and the top of a mountain in Alaska

A 25th Tropic Lightning patch. Dad was 25th Infantry Division.

This was a gift from a reader in Mobile, Alabama.

This the  Prayer Wall. If your name is here, I’ve been praying over you.

Special memento from the Gold Star Wives.

Granny Leona with us kids

Daddy in Korea

The view of the rainbow of promise  that reassures me as I write.

And you.

You are here with me every time I sit down to write, and I imagine greeting you in Texas, Nebraska, Georgia, Arizona, New Jersey, North Carolina, or South, Alabama, Iowa, Tennessee, Africa, Australia, Spain, France, or wherever it is that you are — and I am thankful for each of you.

And for the community we are sharing in here.

Thank you for inviting me into your intimate places.

I count it an honor.

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  • What a lovely post, Karen! I needed this one today. Thank you, and love your faithfulness in writing!!

  • Wow-wow-wow! You’re reading our story! What an honor. And then to see it right there with Ann Voskamp, who is one of my heroes in her beautiful, mystical simplicity of grateful faith. That photo just made my day. (Also, please keep praying! Things are happening in baby land. Labor has started, and contractions are strong, but still irregular. Thanks!)

    • Karen Spears Zacharias

      Keep us posted. Been praying. And yes, Ann, is a gift of grace.

  • Ofelia

    Thank you! What refreshing thoughts – reminds me to go relish my favorite things and draw encouragement and inspiration from the blessings they represent.

  • Love the prayer wall…I am going to get me one!

  • Very nice and sweet post, Karen. My desk is a disaster, but in a cubby area I have a stack of cards and thank you that have been sent to me that go all the way back to the mid 1990s. On days when I’m agitated, depressed, or wondering why i work for such little pay, I pull out some of those and read them and it lifts my spirits right back up into the game. The stuff I got from Gordon is at the top! I love that prayer wall idea ~ so beautiful! Thanks for being such a blessing to me and to so many others!