The Simplest Observations

The Simplest Observations June 5, 2011

Summer is our movie season. Tim and I rarely get to a movie during the school year. I first heard about Tree of Life over at Internet Monk’s site.

But then Salon also had this piece about it, naming it the Pick of the Week.  This statement: The simplest observations are often the most profound moments of insight reminds me ever so much of Ann Voskamp”s writing in “One Thousand Gifts.” Have you read it yet?

I’m going to lead a book group on Voskamp’s book on Wednesday @ 10 a.m. this summer. Join us if you are in the neighborhood.

What movies are you looking forward to seeing?

What books are you reading?

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  • I have to confess: I don’t get Ann Voskamp. Her writing does not resonate with me. That said, I do recognize she’s the real deal. The ideas that she is obviously very talented and that her writing doesn’t affect me do not in in any way conflict with each other.
    My wife read a little bit of her writing on the web, and it was right up her alley. So I am going to give her that book in two weeks, as part of what I give her for our anniversary.

  • Huh. I’ll need to read those movie reviews because I don’t really get the clip. Remember, I’s just a simple girl… We don’t go to the movies. My son’s never been.

    And yeah, I’ve read Ann’s book. It’s quite a journey. Will you be posting on-line with the book club or is it just an in-person study?