Endangered Natural Resource: Childhood

Endangered Natural Resource: Childhood September 6, 2011

She’s 10-years old and already modeling for Vogue.

It was inevitable, I suppose, that the fashion industry would exploit children.

I mean what is there left to push the limits of our sexuality?

What else is there to shock us with?

Hundreds of thousands of children worldwide are being forced into human trafficking, a practice, no doubt that the editors at Vogue would decry.

They fail to see the irony of their own exploitation.

Or perhaps, as is the case with all human slavery, money is the master they serve.

Pimping out children isn’t something just poor people do — rich people do it, too.

Childhood is an endangered natural resource.

So God abandoned them to do whatever shameful things their hearts desired. Roman 1:24

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  • This is beyond disturbing.

    • Karen Spears Zacharias

      Downright creepy with the yuck factor

  • What Kat said. Those girls look about my daughter’s age (10 this Sunday) and she still plays with dolls. A bunch of her friends spent the night with us the other night, so I know a lot of them well enough to know that I cannot imagine any girl that age having the mindset to pose like that.

    I normally don’t pretend to speak for God, but I think I’m safe in saying He’s furious about stuff like this, and there is a special punishment waiting for the adults who facilitate this.

  • Yeah, this is beyond ridiculous and it totally screams exploitation. What’s even more upsetting to me is that a parent had to sign a waiver, consent form, contact, or whatever you want to call it to allow this exploitation. It is so sad that our society is like this.

    • Karen Spears Zacharias

      Yes and not just any parent. Her parents are celebrities themselves. You’d think they’d be more wary than most.

  • Makes me feel sick to my stomach.

  • According to Justice Potter Stewart’s classic definition, this is pornography. So why on earth would educated adults produce this?

    • Karen Spears Zacharias

      I think they do it to be provocative, to get noticed. And it worked. Got them noticed in a world that’s already too loud.
      Here’s what I’m betting — we are going to see more and more children pimped out in public like this, because there is nothing else these magazines can do to be on the cutting edge. Adult sexuality has been exploited in every way possible. The last frontier to broach in matters of sexuality is children. We can see this already in the ##s of online users addicted to child porn.

      • Yes…but are they soul-less? I mean, really?

        I swear…these people need to take a few classes on astronomy and theoretical physics. You simply cannot learn about stuff like that, and still care about nonsense.

        And I’m a big fan of sex…but sexualizing everything just shows an appalling lack of imagination.

  • Laurie Davis

    This is very disturbing!

    I used to work as a teacher’s aid in Kindergarten and first grade in our local school. One day when the kids were going to have their pictures taken, one of our 1st grade girls named Mallory showed up in high heels, full make-up, fake nails, nylons. When she walked into the room everybody’s jaw dropped. I will never forget the look on one little girl’s face (Kristina) as she noticed what Mallory was wearing. I watched her as she compared her little white sneakers with lace trimmed white ankle socks to Mallory’s nylons and high heels. She compared her pink cotton floral dress to Mallory’s slinky outfit. She compared her natural little fingernails to Mallory’s acrylic nails and so on and so on. I don’t know what Malory’s parents were thinking, but our little girls are being bombarded with this type of stuff too early and too often. We need to work harder than ever to teach our daughters that their true worth and true value come from God alone.

  • Sharon O

    I am in total disagreement with this type of advertising. Little girls should be little as long as possible and who ever these parents are, they should be fined or even jailed for doing something illegal with their child. It is child endangerment just as if they put them in a car with no seat belt or fed them beer for dinner. Children learn from the adults who are supposed to be protecting them.
    I strongly DISLIKE this as well as the toddlers and tiara’s show. It is sad and very sick.

  • Yikes. These pictures definitely point out how horrible this is. I pray that those who allow children to be treated this way will wake up, and that those who enjoy looking at it will turn their eyes to Jesus. May the Lord help our culture turn around!

  • This is very disturbing…

  • pepy

    Well, you know what I feel about this sort of thing…the world over. I’m not sure what to DO about it. I wasn’t sure what to DO about it when I saw the girls (exactly like the photos you show above) huddled in a hotel lobby at 3:30 a.m. with their madame either.

  • Jake

    That is Effing sick.

  • John in PDX
  • Probably the photographer told these young girls NOT to smile – – but beyond that, they all have SAD eyes. It is as at their young age, they have already lost their innocence. So sad that our children must be exposed to this.

  • While this is the stuff so far over the edge that it produces outrage, a million other seemingly more benign messages bombard our chidren every day but do not evoke a whimper. Though it may seem dated today, I still commend Dr. Mary Pipher’s book “Reviving Ophelia–Saving the Selves of Adolscent Girls”. I recommend it to anyone with a daughter under the age of 20.