May Gratitude be our Glory Cloud

May Gratitude be our Glory Cloud November 23, 2011

They are still talking about it at Bethel Church in Redding, California, and among gatherings of Believers around the globe.

They are saying the gold rain is a manifestation of God.

Evidence of His Glory.

Worship turned to gold, they say.

They weep and laugh, shout and sing, convinced that this thing, strange as it may seem, is proof positive that a miraculous God is among us yet.

But I don’t need a glory cloud raining down gold, for I have known the glory of God while walking among the fields of flowers

I have heard the voice of God in the laughter of a child.

I have witnessed the joy of the Lord in the faces of those who have loved one another for a lifetime.

And I have felt the embrace of God at the altar of forgiveness.

Please, don’t put me inside a building to witness gold dust falling from the air vents and tell me that’s the glory of God.

I witness the Glory of God everyday in the faces of those I love.

I pray gratitude will be the glory cloud that hovers over you & yours this Thanksgiving & throughout the year to come.


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  • Al

    So tacky and shameful if they are really claiming this was an actual “manifestation.”
    Sometimes my brothers and sisters seriously embarrass me with their foolish displays.
    When the faithful are so easily duped, the world lumps us all together then tosses Christ into the same vat to be scorned.

    • Hi Al. I guess I’m confused as to why you think it is tacky and shameful. Is it because you think that God can’t do something like this? Or is it that you think it isn’t His character to do something like this?

      I can’t say that I’ve seen gold rain but I also know my tendency towards unbelief and cynicism (and some of that cynicism is with good reason).

      I totally agree with all of the manifestations of glory that Karen shared here but if there’s more, I want to have the faith to see it.

      I don’t want to miss out on something that God is doing just because I don’t see a specific precedent for it. If anything points back to giving Him the glory, I want to see what His glory looks like in ALL of it’s manifestations. I’d rather not put limits on what God can and will do based on my own way of thinking.

      • Hampton Craig

        I have seen the gold rain, it was unexplainable, did not go to see it. But it was not a cloud on the night my wife and I were there. There was a lot of healing going on. Whether it was a manifestation of the Lord, I am not going to venture into that area. Way to much given to emotion and people looking for spiritual entertainment.