Millionaires Club

Millionaires Club December 27, 2011

It’s hardly more than a yawning headline that the average American family is growing poorer as the country’s leaders are growing richer.

Most of us know someone who has lost a job and a home over the past few years. Some of those somebodies are our loved ones. We’d do something about it, if only we knew what to do.

They say success is the best revenge but revenge is hard to come by in this economy. So instead we buy a second round of coffee and moan some more about the lack of leadership out of Washington.

Not that anyone in D.C. is listening.

It appears Congress is too busy studying their stock options. Half of all members of Congress now belong to the Millionaires Club. That’s like being a member of the Mile-High Club, only different in that it’s the American people who are getting screwed by Congress.

Of course there are reasons why so few rich are representing so many poor in this nation – only the rich can afford to run for office.

And there’s that troubling problem of ethics.

Most members of Congress appear to be lacking any.

Pressed to implement a ban on practices that amounts to insider trading, Congress challenged those complaining with a hearty, “You have got to be freaking kidding me. Why would I do that?”

It’s worth noting that seven out of the ten richest members of Congress are Democrats. If you want to see how your income compares with members of Congress check out this link.

That indigestion you feel about now, I’d wager is not the result of overindulging during the holidays.

I’ve come to believe it’s not who holds the highest office in this country that matters most, but rather the members of the Millionaires Club that we stupidly keep reelecting.

Isn’t it about time we gave them their fair share of pink slips?






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