This perfect world of ours

This perfect world of ours February 19, 2012

We do not live in a perfect world where everyone agrees and shares the same perspective.

I came across that statement in an essay I read recently, and it got me to wondering: Is that really what a perfect world looks like? A place where we all agree and share the same perspective.

Good Mrs. Murphy, I hope not.

Prison has never appealed to me, mostly because I can’t imagine living in a place where I wear the same thing as everyone else, eat the same food as everyone else, and am confined to the same space as everyone else. I don’t want to live in a care facility for those same reasons.

I quit Brownies in second-grade and ROTC in high school because if there is one thing I am not, it’s a conformist.

I’m not the 60s free-spirit that Jeannie C. Riley was, but I’ve never been one to let others do my thinking for me. That may be why I never did understand that movie The Matrix.

Which leads me to believe that if a perfect world isn’t the place where we all think the same and share the same perspective, maybe we are already living in God’s idea of a perfect world — a place where we get to choose — and we just don’t recognize it.

We don’t recognize choice as God’s notion of perfection.

I could be wrong on this. My background in theology, afterall, was gained in Training Union. So feel free to disagree with me. That’s your choice. (Yep. Smiling.)

But let’s just say I’m right about this, for the sake of argument. Then that makes the criticisms by Rick Santorum about Obama’s theology being phony all that more ludicrous, doesn’t it?

Do you really truly believe that God’s idea of a perfect world is one in which we all think the same? Or is perfection for him simply being in that place where we all choose Him?



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  • Kathyhickey

    OMW, I hadn’t thought of Traing Union in years!

    I’m grateful for CHOICE.

  • Just had a discussion at church yesterday about this… God gave us freewill because He wants perfect love, not forced, or coerced companionship.

    And we know from God’s Word that this here 3rd rock from the sun is most definitely not God’s idea of a perfect world. But thankfully He gave us His perfect Son to show us perfect love with skin on.